Latest Fest07 Headlines
Microsoft have announced the date for the next Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2008 - October 27th-30th in Los Angeles.
Last night at the Coventry NxtGenUG Ruby on Rails Event Chris Sexton picked up his Redgate XBOX 360 for submitting feedback for Fest07
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PDC 2008 Announced
Microsoft have announced the date for the next Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2008 - October 27th-30th in Los Angeles.
RedGate XBOX 360 Winner
Last night at the Coventry NxtGenUG Ruby on Rails Event Chris Sexton picked up his Redgate XBOX 360 for submitting feedback for Fest07
Fest07 Speaker Awards
At Fest07, Rich, Dave and John presented awards to the top speakers in each region - see the main presentation which took the top prizes.
Fest07 XBOX 360 Winner.
Congratulations to Chris Sexton, who was drawn from the hat, to win the Red-Gate XBOX 360 - complete with Viva Pinata and Tomb Raider.
Fest07 Comments
Fest07 is over, but we wanted to share a small slice of the feedback which we had from the event - Makes us so proud!
PowerPoint from Fest07
Some of the PowerPoints from FEST07 are now available for Download.
Feedback is now open for Fest07. Please could attendees log into the site and follow the instructions in this news article. Hope you enjoyed the day!
Win an XBOX 360!
Attend Fest07, Leave feedback, and you could be the lucky winner drawn to Win an XBOX 360, complete with games, courtesy of Red-Gate.
Announcing FEST07 Geek Dinner ...
A 'Geek' Dinner has been organised by Zi Makki of the DDD crew for 22nd May 2007, the evening before FEST07.
Final session announced
NxtGenUG today announced the final session in the awesome Fest07 line up will be Rafal Rafal Lukawiecki on Software Development Paradigms.
Fest07 Agenda Online
The Fest07 Agenda is now live on the site. The moment you've all be waiting for - what gameshow will Dave and Rich be doing? Register Quick! Early bird ends March 31st!
Fest07 Watch
Richard Costall has a dig around the blogosphere to see what people are saying about Fest07 and has a good laugh!
Fest07 Top Speaker Disclosed
NxtGenUG Fest07 is pleased to announce that Rafal Lukawiecki will be speaking at the event on the 23rd May 2007 in Microsoft Campus TVP in Reading.
NxtGenUG Announce Fest07
NxtGenUG are proud to announce NxtGenUG Fest07 Event - to be held at the Microsoft Campus in Reading on the 23rd May 2007.
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The International .NET Association (INETA) provides structured, peer-based organizational, educational, and promotional support to the growing worldwide community of Microsoft .NET user groups.
The International .NET Association (INETA) provides structured, peer-based organizational, educational, and promotional support to the growing worldwide community of Microsoft .NET user groups.
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Fest07Thanks to all who attended NxtGenUG Fest07
Thanks to everybody who attended NxtGenUG Fest07 - "Into the future". We had a great time and we hope you did too. We do have an XBOX 360 (courtesy of Redgate) and some other prizes, which will be drawn from the feedback. Feedback can be left here (login required) Only attendees of Fest07 will be able to leave feedback. If you have any problems get in touch
Fest07 Speakers
Rafal Lukawiecki
In his role as Strategic Consultant and Director at Project Boticelli Ltd, Rafal is responsible for analyzing, planning and forecasting the changes in the field of Information Technology. Rafal works closely with teams of up to 150 software developers, as well as with investors and their boards of directors, to practice the best principles of the Microsoft Solutions Framework and the Microsoft Operations Framework. Rafal specializes in three fields: study of programming models, security and cryptography, and project and operational management of IT.

Rafal is a frequent and popular speaker at Microsoft conferences. In his spare time, Rafal has been writing a new book on ‘Microsoft Solutions Framework’ aimed at its practitioners. Recently, Rafal has presented at prestigious Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer conferences across Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Daniel Moth
Daniel Moth has been working in the UK for Microsoft in the Development & Platform group since May 2006. Daniel gets to "play" with the latest and greatest Microsoft software and then explains and demonstrates it via his blog, articles, webcasts, screencasts, online chats and in person at developer events! Before joining Microsoft, he worked for a large consultancy and before that in an R&D department. In addition to significant industry experience, he holds a BSc in Computing for Business, an MSc with distinction in Object Oriented Software Technology, Microsoft certifications and he has been working with .NET since the first public beta in 2000. Daniel gained the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for his community contributions in 2004 and 2005.In his spare time he loves to travel around the world, be it on city breaks, lazing on the beach or SCUBA diving the oceans.
Lorna Brown
Lorna Brown is a Researcher in the Socio Digital Systems Group at Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK. Lorna's main research interest is in multimodal interaction, and particularly in how non-visual modalities, such as sound and touch, can be used in computer interfaces. Before joining Microsoft Research in October 2006, Lorna did a PhD in the Computing Science at the University of Glasgow, where she investigated how the sense of touch might be used in human computer interaction. She has also conducted research into the use of sound and touch to design interfaces for people with visual impairments. In addition to working at Microsoft Research, Lorna is a Research Fellow in Computer Science at Corpus Christi College Cambridge and in her spare time she plays jazz saxophone.
Oliver Sturm
Oliver Sturm is an internationally well-known expert on programming languages, .NET and products from DevExpress, where he worked as Director of Quality until recently. He is a Microsoft C# MVP, author of many training classes and articles and an Associate Consultant at thinktecture. Consulting and Training Services for .NET, as well as specialized DevExpress topics, are available through, and
Richard Costall
Richard Costall (MVP, MCSD.NET) has over 22 years development experience and works for 1st Software, a Microsoft Gold Partner, and the UK's leading software solution for Financial Adviser and Intermediaries, designing and implementing IFA applications in the financial services sector. Previously specializing in VB, XML/XSLT, COM, ASP and MSMQ, Richard now lives and breathes the awesome world of .Net and in particular ASP.NET and Silverlight 2.0. Richard spent 5 1/2 years as the Midlands regional coordinator for VBUG (Visual Basic User Group) before co-founding NxtGenUG, the innovative UK user group for Microsoft Technologies.

Richard has written articles for publications such as ASP.NET Pro and International Developer Magazines and also co-authered the Apress title Professional MSMQ. He speaks a local user groups, Microsoft Conferences/Product launches, TechED Europe and the hugely successful DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Events.

When not in .Net land, Richard enjoys relaxing at home with his wife and two sons, playing on the XBOX 360 or ultimately jetting off to Walt Disney World, Florida, for a trip on the Tower of Terror.

Kevin McDaniel
Kevin spends his time making sure that individual developers, IT professionals, designers, academics and students are able to get relevant and effective information from the team of experienced evangelists in the UK. Driven mad by a desire to understand how everything works, he recovers his sanity through photography. If you have any suggestions on ways that Microsoft UK can improve its service to individuals using or thinking about using our platform, Kevin would like to hear from you.
Dave McMahon
Dave works as Chief Architect for .NET Development at Ridgian Limited, a privately owned software house based in Central Birmingham. Ridgian are a Microsoft Certified Partner and specialise in Business Intelligence Solutions and Custom Software Solutions. He is very active in the Microsoft community speaking at DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper conferences, and at numerous User Group meetings around the country on such topics as SQL XML, SQL 2005 Security, Regular Expressions and his favouritte technology XSLT and XPATH. He has recently published articles on SQL Server 2005 Security in International Developer Magazine and on Vista and Office 2007 in the Microsoft Beta Newsletters.

Mike Taulty
Mike Taulty is a member of the Developer and Platform Group at Microsoft in the UK, but began work as a professional developer in 1991. He spent the following 9 years working on a number of different operating systems (Unices, VMS, Windows NT) with various database technologies (Oracle, Informix, SQL Server) and distribution technologies (RPC, DCE, COM).

Mike joined Microsoft in 2000 working as a developer consultant with a sideline in ownership of the Microsoft UK scalability lab.

Today, Mike maintains a keen interest in a wide spectrum of technologies including Client, Database, Web Services and the core Microsoft .NET technologies - anything that looks to be in need of a little code.
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