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Congratulations to Ron Watson who's name was drawn from the list of 100% Feedbackers - He wins an XBOX 360.
NxtGenUG will pick one lucky winner to recieve an XBOX 360 just for completing your feedback by the end of May - Find out how?
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Ron Watson XBOX Owner
Congratulations to Ron Watson who's name was drawn from the list of 100% Feedbackers - He wins an XBOX 360.
Cmomplete your Feedback and you could win!
NxtGenUG will pick one lucky winner to recieve an XBOX 360 just for completing your feedback by the end of May - Find out how?
DDD Events Getting Closer!
There are a host of Community Events coming up all around the country .. fill yer boots, read on for details!
FEST09 Now open for Registration!
FEST09 is now open for registration - limited places, members get first dibs, 'nuff said!
Fest09 Details Leaked?
Dave,Rich and John have always had ambitious plans for NxtGenUG, and the Fest09 plans seem no different...
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RM is a major supplier of software, services and systems to UK education.
RM is a major supplier of software, services and systems to UK education.
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Due to the overwhelming demand for Fest09, and limited numbers, Registration is now closed. If you'd like to be placed on a waiting list send us an email. Thanks for your interest and we're sorry we currently cannot accommodate you.
Fest09 Sessions
Mike Taulty What’s Coming in Silverlight 3
Silverlight 3 promises a new wealth of functionality around its traditional strengths of graphics, user interface and multi-media for rich internet applications. In this session, we'll take a good look at all of the big features coming in Silverlight 3 dropping down into code and demos wherever it makes sense to illustrate the core concepts that make up the new functionality. Expect to see XAML, code and the highlights of what makes Silverlight 3 an exciting release for developers of browser-based applications. If you don't build for the browser then come along anyway - you might just go away wanting to build with Silverlight 3.

Alisson Sol Software Bugs – Debugging Your Mindset
Death, taxes, and software bugs are unavoidable. This presentation will exhibit some strategies to deal with software bugs. Bugs come in different sizes and shapes, and so are the possible resolutions, which vary from a few minutes debugging the source code to months “replacing the engineering team”. No promise is made regarding strategies to deal with death and taxes!
Chris Bishop Third Generation Machine Intelligence
The first successful applications of machine intelligence were based on expert systems constructed using rules elicited from human experts. Limitations in the applicability of this approach helped drive the second generation of machine intelligence methods, as typified by neural networks, which can be characterised as black box statistical models fitted to large data sets. In this talk I will describe a new paradigm for machine intelligence which has emerged over the last five years, and which allows strong prior knowledge from domain experts to be combined with machine learning techniques to enable a new generation of large-scale applications. The talk will help motivate the Infer.Net framework described by John Guiver.
John Guiver Infer.NET: A framework for machine learning
This talk will follow on from Chris Bishop’s talk by describing Infer.NET, a practical .NET framework for large scale machine learning, and the fruition of several years R&D at MSR Cambridge. I will describe the framework and the requirements that shaped its design, and show how it can be used to implement customized probabilistic models that allow integration of domain knowledge and statistical learning.
Dinis Cruz O2 - Advanced Source Code Analysis Toolkit
In this talk Dinis Cruz will show the open source toolkit O2 (Ounce Open) which is specifically designed for developers and security consultants to be able to perform quick, effective and thorough source code security reviews. The O2 toolkit ( uses the scanning engines from Ounce Labs, Microsoft's CAT.NET tool and FindBugs (with more engines to be added soon) and allows advanced filtering, manipulation and visualization of its findings. In the past, there has been a very healthy skepticism on the usability of Source Code analysis engines to find commonly found vulnerablities in real world applications. This presentation will show that with some creative and powerful tools, it IS possible to use O2 to discover those issues.
Chris Hay Windows Communication Foundation and Silverlight
In this session we will be looking at the new communication improvements made in Silverlight 3. We will be exploring the changes to WCF (binary message encoding, improved duplex client code, message credentials, fault exceptions, command line proxy generation tool, message credentials etc). We will also be looking at the new support for detecting changes to the network connections (useful for running out of browser). Finally we will take a look at the support for local messaging (which allows you to communicate between silverlight applications, running on the same machine). At the end of this session you should have a good idea of the new comms changes for Silverlight 3, and how life will be so much better for you.

Richard Costall Fest09 Welcome and Awards
Richard Costall and John Price talk about NxtGenUG, How it's getting on, who is the top speaker for each region, and the big one - Which region will win the coverted Trophy for Best Event!
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