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Congratulations to Ron Watson who's name was drawn from the list of 100% Feedbackers - He wins an XBOX 360.
NxtGenUG will pick one lucky winner to recieve an XBOX 360 just for completing your feedback by the end of May - Find out how?
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Ron Watson XBOX Owner
Congratulations to Ron Watson who's name was drawn from the list of 100% Feedbackers - He wins an XBOX 360.
Cmomplete your Feedback and you could win!
NxtGenUG will pick one lucky winner to recieve an XBOX 360 just for completing your feedback by the end of May - Find out how?
DDD Events Getting Closer!
There are a host of Community Events coming up all around the country .. fill yer boots, read on for details!
FEST09 Now open for Registration!
FEST09 is now open for registration - limited places, members get first dibs, 'nuff said!
Fest09 Details Leaked?
Dave,Rich and John have always had ambitious plans for NxtGenUG, and the Fest09 plans seem no different...
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1st, an award winning company launched in 1996, provides technology solutions to over half of the professional financial advisers in the UK.
1st, an award winning company launched in 1996, provides technology solutions to over half of the professional financial advisers in the UK.
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Fest09NxtGenUG Fest09 Registration
Due to the overwhelming demand for Fest09, and limited numbers, Registration is now closed. If you'd like to be placed on a waiting list send us an email. Thanks for your interest and we're sorry we currently cannot accommodate you.
Fest09 Speakers
Chris Bishop
Chris is Chief Research Scientist at Microsoft Research Cambridge, and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh. He is also a Fellow of Darwin College Cambridge. My research interests include machine learning and its applications.
Richard Costall
Richard Costall (MVP, MCSD.NET) has over 22 years development experience and works for 1st Software, a Microsoft Gold Partner, and the UK's leading software solution for Financial Adviser and Intermediaries, designing and implementing IFA applications in the financial services sector. Previously specializing in VB, XML/XSLT, COM, ASP and MSMQ, Richard now lives and breathes the awesome world of .Net and in particular ASP.NET and Silverlight 2.0. Richard spent 5 1/2 years as the Midlands regional coordinator for VBUG (Visual Basic User Group) before co-founding NxtGenUG, the innovative UK user group for Microsoft Technologies.

Richard has written articles for publications such as ASP.NET Pro and International Developer Magazines and also co-authered the Apress title Professional MSMQ. He speaks a local user groups, Microsoft Conferences/Product launches, TechED Europe and the hugely successful DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Events.

When not in .Net land, Richard enjoys relaxing at home with his wife and two sons, playing on the XBOX 360 or ultimately jetting off to Walt Disney World, Florida, for a trip on the Tower of Terror.

Dinis Cruz
Dinis Cruz is a Senior IOActive Security Consultant based in London (UK) and specializes in: ASP.NET Application Security, Active Directory deployments, Application Security audits and .NET Security Curriculum Development.

Since the 1.1 release of the .Net Framework, Dinis has been one of the strongest proponents of the need to write .Net applications that can be executed in secure Partially Trusted .Net environments, and has done extensive research on: Rooting the CLR, exposing the dangers of Full Trust Asp.Net Code, Type Confusion vulnerabilities in Full Trust (i.e. non verifiable) code, creating .Net Security Protection Layers and using Reflection to dynamically manipulate .Net Client applications.

Dinis is also the current Owasp .Net Project leader and the main developer of several of OWASP .Net tools (SAM'SHE, ANBS, SiteGenerator, PenTest Reporter, Asp.Net Reflector, Online IIS Metabase Explorer).
John Guiver
John works as a Research Software Design Engineer in the machine learning group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK. His main role is in the development of Infer.NET which is a .NET library for machine learning. It provides state-of-the-art algorithms for probabilistic inference from data. Various Bayesian models such as Bayes Point Machine classifiers, TrueSkill matchmaking, hidden Markov models, and Bayesian networks can be implemented using Infer.NET. He also have a strong interest in using machine learning for ranking.
Chris Hay
Chris is regularly caught by his wife browsing internet sites at 2.00am in the morning. Sadly he is always looking at .NET sites rather than the haunts frequented by his peers.

Chris has worked on various large projects and is specialised in C#, ASP.NET, AJAX, SQL and various other acronymns. Having always tried to keep at the front of the technology curve, i guess it is time to share that knowledge around a little.

Simple tip, never mention Silverlight infront of him (if you are in a hurry).

You can catch him on his blog
John Price
My background is in Point of sale for the retail sector, in particular petroleum.

I have been working as a developer as long as I can remember, in fact my first development job was as 15, while I was still at school!

I worked for 10 years at Wella GB as a developer developing systems for hairdressers before doing 4 years designing hardware for various platforms. I even had a hand in designing a 286 motherboard!

I then worked for Meggitt Petroleum Systems as a Technical Architect designing Point of Sale terminals and Back Office systems for major oil companies across the world. I have been lucky enough to visit 26 countries as diverse as South Africa and Japan doing this.

I developed some desktop and enterprise level applications using an obscure 4GL called Omnis.

Since then I have been working with .NET since its inception and was part of the beta program for 1.0 and have built a web site in ASP.NET

Numerous projects later I have sepcialised in media devices for XP and XP embedded and media center, along with mobile applications for devices ranging from symbian hardware through Pocket PC to Windows Mobile 6.5, and on into Windows Phone 7, and Windows versions, including authoring articles on MSDN about Search systems.

I am also a pilot and am fortunate to have an aeroplane at Coventry airport, at the flying club. I can usually be found on the airfield most Saturdays either flying the 'plane if the weathers good, or flying the bar if its not!

If you would like to read more about what I get up to, you could check out my blog at
Alisson Sol
Alisson Sol received a B.Sc. in Physics and a M.Sc. in Computer Science from UFMG. He joined Microsoft on 2000, working in the company headquarters in Redmond, USA, in projects like BizTalk and Microsoft Office. He was transferred early on 2007 to Cambridge, UK, where he works now for Microsoft Research as a Development Manager in the Incubation and Technology Transfer team, who recently released the Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008 application. Alisson has interest and published papers in the area of image processing, and has several patent applications in the USA and Europe
Mike Taulty
Mike Taulty is a member of the Developer and Platform Group at Microsoft in the UK, but began work as a professional developer in 1991. He spent the following 9 years working on a number of different operating systems (Unices, VMS, Windows NT) with various database technologies (Oracle, Informix, SQL Server) and distribution technologies (RPC, DCE, COM).

Mike joined Microsoft in 2000 working as a developer consultant with a sideline in ownership of the Microsoft UK scalability lab.

Today, Mike maintains a keen interest in a wide spectrum of technologies including Client, Database, Web Services and the core Microsoft .NET technologies - anything that looks to be in need of a little code.
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