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Modus IT has an urgent requirement for an Analyst Programmer to help deliver the first version of a revolutionary Business Intelligence product to the market.
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Help local Indie Kickstart Fathom
local Indie IronSun Studio's needs you Kickstarter backing to get their exciting Fathom game off the ground
Job Opportunity
Modus IT has an urgent requirement for an Analyst Programmer to help deliver the first version of a revolutionary Business Intelligence product to the market.
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Fancy coding for Charity? Then maybe you'll like to take part in Dev4Good and help some worthy causes whilst writing code!
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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Events: In London and Edinburgh on 14 and 15 June
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1st, an award winning company launched in 1996, provides technology solutions to over half of the professional financial advisers in the UK.
1st, an award winning company launched in 1996, provides technology solutions to over half of the professional financial advisers in the UK.
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NxtGenUG News Article
Saturday, October 10, 2009
Rich receives some PDC SWAG, and finds a PDC ticket - Time for another caption competition - enter for a chance to WIN!!!!!
News Article 
NxtGenUG is pleased to announce an amazing PDC 09 picture caption competition.

When Richard received some swag from the SWAG fairy, (who happens to be involved with the PDC) he discovered a ticket to PDC hidden away amongst it - Time for a Caption competition - Yep!

So we need your help in providing a caption to the above picture. Channel 9 Guy, met up with MCP* Man (yes, they did use to exist), at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference (PDC), back in 2005, but what did they say to each other? Simply come up with your caption or conversation.

**** THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED - Congratulations to Ian Walker who's caption "And all because the lady loves.. A Big Fat Bloke" - taken from a very memorable UK Advert

See the original 80's advert on you tube

See most of the entries here - email us your favourites?

1. Aaron King
Channel 9 Guy, "The first rule of the Channel 9 PDC After Party is, you do not talk about the Channel 9 PDC After Party. The second rule of the Channel 9 PDC After Party is".
MCP* Man, "you DO NOT talk about the Channel 9 PDC After Party."
Channel 9 Guy, "If someone says stop, goes limp, taps out,". MCP* Man "the fight is over."

2. John Anderson
Yo, Channel 9 Guy, I'm really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but Clippy was the best Microsoft mascot, of ALL TIME!

3. Jon Honeyball
"So which of us is one of the three pillars of Vista then?"

4. Chris Love
Yo Dawg, I think you are informative, on target, hip and I really love the whole Madanna wireless headset. WELCOME TO PDC BABY!!!"

5. Mr James (Runner Up)
The initials after my name are this long. And I have arms too.

6. Denis Liger
- Hi MCP!
- Hello Channel9!
- How much useful information you find on my site?
- Soooooo(this) much!

7. David Seiden
What are we having for breakfast?

8. Jim Halverson
MCP Man: Do you think there are any competitors here? Channel 9 Guy: I can AZure you there will be no booth for Sun at this cloudy conference.

9. Denis Liger
Want to become a MVP? Then watch Channel 9!

10. Denis Liger
Channel 9 is the best friend of MVP!

11. Denis Liger
MVP acquire knowledge on our ?hannel 9!

12. Gary Ewell
Some day I'll find my lucky number... maybe channel 10 will hug me back

13. Arve Svendsen
"I don't see why it is not possible to be certified? I don’t know what to do. Isn’t there a step by step guide or something?” “In some areas we are all amateurs. Now, go and pick up your date”

14. Aaron Guevara
Channel 9 Guy: Did you come to see me at the PDC?
MCP MAN: What! No, I came to see the MS Surface app that I wrote!
Channel 9 Guy: Did you win?
MCP MAM: No, but I am Certified on it....

15. Jorge Vasquez
Channel 9 Guy Said to MCP*Man, "See my shows and become an MVP". (MCP -> MVP)

16. Jorge Vasquez
C my shows and V come an MVP

17. Ian Walker (Winner)
And all because the lady loves ... a big fat guy

18. Conan Ablewhite
Exposed, the real reason Polyphony Digital haven't released GT5 yet - marketing are still "polishing" the logo

19. Aleksandr Kotlyar
MCP Man: ...but that's when he realized that the source control database... WAS CORRUPTED!!! Ch9 Guy: Aaaaaaah!

20. Aleksandr Kotlyar
MCP Man: You know, I once fixed a bug THIIIIIIS big!

21. Aleksandr Kotlyar
Ch9 Guy: Are you a Microsoft Certified Professional Hugger?
MCP Man: Only one way to find out!

22. Tom Robinson
PDC Man: "Aah believe I can fly... aah believe I can touch the sky...
Channel 9 Guy: "Shut up, can't you see I'm... *buffering*...."

23. Rick Kiessig
MCP Man - I love your shows! Mind if I give you a big hug?"
Channel 9 Guy: "Sure, as long as we can get on video. Oh, and be sure to fill out a customer satisfaction survey afterwards!"

24. James NG
What did M say to 007 in the urinal?

25. Wesley Fehler
Channel 9 Guy: Got any sure fire interview tips? MCP* Man: Yep. Don't forget to take some Certs.

26. Richard Gibbons
"Whoa-your exam transcript is HOW big?!"

27. Roland Weigelt
Hey buddy, you shouldn't hope for women to see your inner value - it better get unboxed if you want to score with the ladies...

28. Bill Ayres (Runner Up)
I can fix you up with the Channel 6 logo - I think you'll find she's just your type...

29. Cornelius Kruger
Back in my days, The code was THIS big.

30. Richard Evans
'You think you've got it bad, they modelled me on Andy Brown!'......says Channel 9 guy.

31. Steven Ward
Good news on the PDC09 Mascot gig, and to think you thought not being able to use a mouse or a keyboard would be an issue!

32. Steven Ward (Runner Up)
Channel Nine Guy decided that he'd be more vigilant before accepting Facebook friend requests in the future.

33. Mr Brice
Buy me a cup of Joe and I will tell you everything you need to know about the PDC.

34. Michael Colonna
Channel 9 Guy: Give me some of your tots! MCP Man: No, you already have like a boatload! Besides, I'm training with my Medieval Fight Club later on and I need all the energy I can get.
(From the Bill & Napoleon video at PDC 2005)

35. Scott Davis
"Yo, 9 Guy. I'm real happy for you, 'n I'm a let you finish. But Windows 7 touch is one of the best new features of all time! Of all time!"

36. Douglas White
You're the replacement developer action figure? A box with a mohawk?

37. Jungchan Hsieh
Channel 9 Guy meets Model-View-Controller Guy.

38. Steven Ward
CNG: "Listen mate, if it was that big Bing would have indexed it by now"

39. Cyril Madigan
You're coming down the station with me son!"

40. Steven Ward
CNG felt that MCPMan was way over the top with his comedy hook around the neck, exit stage left routine.

41. Steven Ward
A 'tasty little number' for Microsoft wasn't what CNG had in mind when his agent offered him the part.

42. Geff Lombardi
Having dressed up as the "Hoff" at Tech Ed 2009 (Berlin), Dave was now making a move on the Channel 9 guy to land himself a ticket for PDC 09.....

43. Steven Ward
MCP Man was the only person surprised that he had been marked as [obsolete] in SP1.

44. Geff Lombardi
Dave put his arm round John, as yet again the restart manager failed to restart and swaggleships had sunk on it's maiden voyage...

45. Conan AbleWhite
Channel 9 Guy: "So, what happened with the Milk Tray gig?"
MCP Man: "Don't ask. What's this I hear about you being in Lego Transformers?"

46. Andy Brown (Runner Up)
MCP Man: "Sorry to hear about having no legs and weird hair, but that's what you get when developers do design!"

47. Geff Lombardi
Dave and Rich could not believe how their lives had gone full circle. Having presented technical sessions at Tech Ed 2006 (Barcelona), they were now resigned to having to dress up as the Channel 9 guy and MCP man to get any sort of publicity !!

48. Conan Ablewhite (Runner Up)
MCP Man: "Somebody needs a hug!"
Channel 9 Guy: "NEIN"

49. Haichih Hwa
MCP guy say to Ch9 guy: I'll be Hancock and you'll be the "g" man...

50. Augusto Camargo
Augusto Camargo, congrats! our 8 ball says yes about you in PDC 2009&NxtGenUG!!!

51. Pablo Peralta
MCP Man: Who's on PDC 09?
CH9 Guy: Only the leaders of the next technology era.

52. Paulo Morgado
"I'm telling you. It was this big!"

53. Steven Ward
MCP Man: How many times do I have to tell them that I need an XL and not a Medium!

54. Chris Arnold
Channel 9 Guy saying "Lego of me. I'm saving myself for MVP man".

55. Neil Gibbons
MCP man attempts to show to Channel 9 Guy just how many sessions there are at PDC. Arms out-wide, "there are this many!".

56. Steve Dunn
Channel 9 guy wondered how anything that long could possibly fit inside such tight leather trousers!"

57. Daniel Dyson
MCP Man: What? You mean you haven't seen me on Celebrity Strictly Come Dancing?
Channel 9 Guy: Celebrity?

58. Mark Heath
MCP Man: see how agile I am - bet you can't stretch yourself out like this
C9 Guy: yes, but you're not modular like me. my arms can be mocked and I have two public extensibility points.

59. Timmy Kokke
Richard : "Is that your new mic? or are you just glad to see me"

60. Richard Costall
MCP Man - "What's that perfume you got on? Chanel Number 9?

61. Richard Costall
MCP Man - "7,4.. Ok i give up! What is your favourite number?

* MCP = Microsoft Certified Professional

Read about PDC 09 here

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions for the NxtGenUG PDC09 ticket competition for visitors to the site.

1. ELIGIBILITY: This draw is open to any person who is 18 years of age or older at the time of entry. Employees of Microsoft Corporation or its affiliates in any capacity – i.e. full time employees, vendors, interns, contractors are ineligible to enter.

2. TO ENTER: Provide a caption to our photograph and submit it, before the closing date and time. NxtGenUG is not responsible for lost, delayed, corrupt entries or issues with the site availability. multiple entries per person will be accepted. Entry constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. NxtGenUG reserves the right to disqualify anyone in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

3. TIMING: This promotion runs from 7:00pm on Saturday 10th October 2009 until midnight on Friday 23rd October GMT 2009. All entries must be received by the stated closing date and time.

4. USE OF DATA: Registered Users: Unless you tick the box on your original registration form stating you do not want to be contacted by NxtGenUG, personal data which you provide when you enter the draw will be used for future NxtGenUG activity. Non Registered Users: For entrants who are not registered on the NxtGenUG WebSite, you will not receive any communication around future NxtGenUG activity.

5. SELECTION OF WINNER: One winner will be decided by the NxtGenUG Committee (plus one Microsoft employee) on Saturday 24th October 2009. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. Winner is determined by the best caption as decided by the judging panel.

6. PRIZE: The winner will receive one ticket to Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference 2009 (PDC09) Los Angeles 17th-19th November 2009. Prize Does NOT include accommodation, flight or any other costs incurred by the winner. Prize is as stated and is not transferable. No cash alternatives available. NxtGenUG reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value.

7. AWARDING OF PRIZE: The winner will be notified by email by Sunday 25th October 2009.

The winner will have their prize presented via email. If a potential winner cannot be contacted, through no fault of NxtGenUG, within FIVE (5) days after the first attempt, an alternative winner will be selected at random. The winners may be required to participate in further publicity or advertising.

8. WINNER’S LIST: The winner consents to their name made publicly available. Winner’s name will be available on the NxtGenUG site.. To obtain winner’s details send an email request to winnersName@NxtGenUG.Net

9. OTHER: No correspondence will be entered into regarding either this promotion or these Terms and Conditions. In the unlikely event of a dispute, NxtGenUG’s decision shall be final. NxtGenUG reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel or withdraw this promotion at any time without notice. Contest is governed exclusively by the laws of UK

Promoter: NxtGenUG (The Next Generation User Group).

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