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RM is a major supplier of software, services and systems to UK education.
RM is a major supplier of software, services and systems to UK education.
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Robbins, Neil
A developer/architect, passionate about shipping value
Neil is currently working as an applications architect at a multinational insurance company. He has previously worked variously as a developer, architect, and consultant.

He regularly attends user groups and other developer focused events particularly in the London area and can be found on twitter @NeilRobbins.
Speaker Presentation List
Lane 2 : Neil Robbins with SQL Server 2008
Neils greatest fear was drawing the SQL Studio talks, so it's only right that whats he'll be doing. Neil will be taking you through the top 5 features that developers should care about in the Database colussus.   
IIS 7.0
After his great session at Ready Steady Speak! Neil will deliver a nugget on IIS 7.0, but we can't tell you what the details are as he ain't told us yet! It'll be great anyhow ...   
The RDBMS, NoSQL and CouchDB
For many years now RDBMS tech has pretty much had a monopoly on the world of datastores. In the last few years though a brave new world of non-relational databases has been gaining increasing popularity, it's even got a name now the NoSql movement. So what might a NoSQL database look like, and why might you use it? Or to put it another why wouldn't you want to use a relational database? In this talk I try to answer some of these questions, before giving an introduction to CouchDB a popular NoSQL database of a kind known as a 'document database'. It's be an introductory talk, so if you're already a master of the field don't expect to learn too much. But if you're looking to see what alternatives to a relational database there are and the problems that these alternatives can help to solve then this talk will be for you, and as a bonus you'll be bootstrapped to work with CouchDB.   
Command Query Responsibility Segregation approaches to System Design
The Command-Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) pattern has recently been getting a lot of deserved attention. In short, it requires separate command and query paths through a system. Through this CQRS promises simple yet powerful designs and codebases. CQRS approaches can also help leverage other patterns such as Event Sourcing and Pub-Sub to open up some very interesting opportunities. I have been involved now in the development of two systems which seek to follow this pattern, one in insurance & one in public examinations. My experience, and that of my colleagues, has been that the systems built following this pattern have been more flexible, simpler, and quicker to develop than had been achieved following more conventional ActiveRecord/DDD approaches. This talk will introduce you to the CQRS approach, what it means to the design of your systems, how it builds on DDD (domain driven design, not the conference :), when you might (or might not) want to use it, and bootstrap you to begin using this approach within your own contexts.   
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