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Where you can find us Where you can find us
Formed in April 2006. Birmingham Science Park Aston near the city centre hosts NxtGenUG Birmingham. A great meeting place to discuss technology and eat Pizza!
Having opened in September 2007, Cambridge will offer a unique insight into Microsoft Research.
Coventry venue has a bar and comfy chairs. With great meetings every month, what more could you ask for? Serving the Coventry community since April 2006.
Deepest Essex is the scene of the eighth NxtGenUG Region, poised just outside the M25, it's run by Rob Silver and Anis Batliwala local lads with a passion for technology
NxtGenUG Hereford - Then there were six. Formed in February 2009 Hereford is the newest NxtGenUG Region. Run by local guys Ryan O'Neill and Richard Wilde.
"It's a sunny paradise!" does not describe soggy Manchester; at least it has its own NxtGenUG region! Run by Steven Robbins and Andy Wilkinson, two northern guys with a passion for pizza/technology!
Holding it's first meeting in November 2006, Oxford is headed up by the prfessional and enthusiastic Richie Hopton and BI Consultant Robert Minchin
By the seaside, in the warmth of the South, NxtGenUG Southampton is run by John McLoughlin and Richie Allen, local guys with a passion for technology! Southampton started in October 2007.
Conferences Conferences
Partner Showcase Partner Showcase
SilverlightShow is a community portal dedicated entirely to Microsoft Silverlight technology. The aim of the portal is to be a single point of information for all things Silverlight happening over the Internet - news, article posts, videos, events, showcases, etc. 

We display only information from trusted sources, and have a great portion of the articles, interviews, white papers and other content authored exclusively for SilverlightShow. We are proud that Silverlight MVPs and major figures in the Silverlight community contribute to the artilcle content on our website.
SilverlightShow is a community portal dedicated entirely to Microsoft Silverlight technology. The aim of the portal is to be a single point of information for all things Silverlight happening over the Internet - news, article posts, videos, events, showcases, etc. We display only information from trusted sources, and have a great portion of the articles, interviews, white papers and other content authored exclusively for SilverlightShow. We are proud that Silverlight MVPs and major figures in the Silverlight community contribute to the artilcle content on our website.
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NxtGenUG Region 
Coventry venue has a bar and comfy chairs. With great meetings every month, what more could you ask for? Serving the Coventry community since April 2006.
Meet the Coordinators
Richard Costall
Richard Costall (MVP, MCSD.NET) has over 22 years development experience and works for 1st Software, a Microsoft Gold Partner, and the UK's leading software solution for Financial Adviser and Intermediaries, designing and implementing IFA applications in the financial services sector. Previously specializing in VB, XML/XSLT, COM, ASP and MSMQ, Richard now lives and breathes the awesome world of .Net and in particular ASP.NET and Silverlight 2.0. Richard spent 5 1/2 years as the Midlands regional coordinator for VBUG (Visual Basic User Group) before co-founding NxtGenUG, the innovative UK user group for Microsoft Technologies.

Richard has written articles for publications such as ASP.NET Pro and International Developer Magazines and also co-authered the Apress title Professional MSMQ. He speaks a local user groups, Microsoft Conferences/Product launches, TechED Europe and the hugely successful DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Events.

When not in .Net land, Richard enjoys relaxing at home with his wife and two sons, playing on the XBOX 360 or ultimately jetting off to Walt Disney World, Florida, for a trip on the Tower of Terror.

Dave McMahon
Dave works as Chief Architect for .NET Development at Ridgian Limited, a privately owned software house based in Central Birmingham. Ridgian are a Microsoft Certified Partner and specialise in Business Intelligence Solutions and Custom Software Solutions. He is very active in the Microsoft community speaking at DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper conferences, and at numerous User Group meetings around the country on such topics as SQL XML, SQL 2005 Security, Regular Expressions and his favouritte technology XSLT and XPATH. He has recently published articles on SQL Server 2005 Security in International Developer Magazine and on Vista and Office 2007 in the Microsoft Beta Newsletters.

John Price
My background is in Point of sale for the retail sector, in particular petroleum.

I have been working as a developer as long as I can remember, in fact my first development job was as 15, while I was still at school!

I worked for 10 years at Wella GB as a developer developing systems for hairdressers before doing 4 years designing hardware for various platforms. I even had a hand in designing a 286 motherboard!

I then worked for Meggitt Petroleum Systems as a Technical Architect designing Point of Sale terminals and Back Office systems for major oil companies across the world. I have been lucky enough to visit 26 countries as diverse as South Africa and Japan doing this.

I developed some desktop and enterprise level applications using an obscure 4GL called Omnis.

Since then I have been working with .NET since its inception and was part of the beta program for 1.0 and have built a web site in ASP.NET

Numerous projects later I have sepcialised in media devices for XP and XP embedded and media center, along with mobile applications for devices ranging from symbian hardware through Pocket PC to Windows Mobile 6.5, and on into Windows Phone 7, and Windows versions, including authoring articles on MSDN about Search systems.

I am also a pilot and am fortunate to have an aeroplane at Coventry airport, at the flying club. I can usually be found on the airfield most Saturdays either flying the 'plane if the weathers good, or flying the bar if its not!

If you would like to read more about what I get up to, you could check out my blog at
Events: November 2013
Windows 8.1 - Developers November 14
After a brief Hiatus, NxtGenUG Coventry is back in big style with top MVP, and popular speaker, Gill Cleeren visiting from foreign shores to talk about Windows 8.1 for developers. So come along, enjoy and eat some pizza.
Events: June 2013
Cross platform apps and games. June 17
Simon Jackson joins us to talk about creating great cross platform apps and games.
Events: May 2013
What is Devops anyway May 16
Alex Papadimoulis (Of Daily WTF Fame) pops into Coventry on a visit from Ohio whilst in the UK, to talk about DevOps - Come along and listen to an excellent speaker. Alex is a speaker and writer who is passionate about looking beyond the code to build great software. In addition to founding Inedo – the makers of BuildMaster, the popular continuous delivery platform – Alex also started The Daily WTF, a fun site dedicated to building software the wrong way.
Events: April 2013
Dependency.... April 24
Local chap Ian Russell pops in to Coventry to talk about Dependency Injection. We'll also be rolling out the pizza and chatting to members about the future... come along and give us your ideas...
Events: March 2013
Azure Mobile Services March 20
Nico Vermeir, a user group leader from Belgium is coming to Coventry to share some community love, and talk about Windows Azure mobile services. Come and listen to Nico, plus catch up with a nugget and hopefully some swag
Events: February 2013
Windows Azure February 11
MVP Andy Cross visits Coventry to talk about Windows Azure.
Events: January 2013
SPA's and Windo January 21
MVP, and top bloke, Richard Griffin drops in on Coventry to talk about building Windows 8 apps, using Backbone and JavaScript.
Events: December 2012
Christmas Drinks and Networkin December 19
Christmas is coming, so time to chill, chat and reflect on the last 12 months. Come and have a drink, and some pizza and a chat in the bar!
Events: November 2012
Real World MVC November 19
Is your MVC app ready for the world? Guy Smith-Ferrier drops in on Coventry to explain how you can get you MVC app ready for the World, with Internationalisation (or I18N to it's friends) - they'll also be some pizza!
Events: October 2012
Windows 8 Discussion October 22
Windows 8 is due to be released on the 26th, and has prompted much discussion. At this meeting we'll sit and chat about Windows 8, Windows Phone, Tablets and where the Industry is heading...
Events: September 2012
Jesse Liberty Tour! September 27
Jesse Liberty's tour rolls into Coventry. He'll be talking about something interesting, and also different to Brum - so make sure to catch this one!
Events: August 2012
Entity Framework August 08
Geoff Lombardi makes the short journey from Birmingham to Coventry to talk about Entity Framework. We may even give away some swag, but they'll be pizza for sure!
Events: July 2012
Windows 8 July 23
Microsofts Martin Beeby @thebeebs - heads to Coventry to talk about the Designer and Developer side of Windows 8 - We'll also be having some Pizza, and hopefully giving out some Swag
Events: June 2012
CQRS and Event Sourcing June 25
Ashic Mahtab comes to Coventry to talk about CQRS and Event Sourcing, another in the series of learning something completely new at NxtGenUG Coventry :-)
Events: May 2012
Node.js May 16
Gary Short takes his 2nd stop on the NxtGenUG mini-tour to visit Coventry and talk about Node.js - Should make for a very interesting session, plus we may have a nugget, pizza, and hopefully some swag!
Events: April 2012
My first 5 months with MVC April 23
Richard Costall returns from his development tour of duty to talk about his experiences with MVC3 and Razor. Richard will show of some of the stuff he's learnt, and find out if he's convinced it's any better than Joomla or webForms :-)
Events: March 2012
Making Powerful Kinections March 19
Kinect the Dots So, many people will have seen the black box perched on top of TVs. The Balack box that is the XBOX 360 Kinect camera. Its way more than just a camera, and its use isnt restricted to games. In this session we'll unplug it from the Xbox and connect it to a PC, and then play with the infterfaces available, what you can do with the various data streams and how to make a nodding dog out of it. There will be nudity, demos and audience participation. Dont Miss it!
Events: February 2012
The Missing Lync February 27
Ben Lee drops in to Coventry to talk about Microsoft Lync - The next generation of communcations server. Uniting voice communications, IM, and audio, video and Web conferencing. We'll also be having some pizza, possibly a nugget and maybe even some SWAG!
Events: January 2012
MicroORMs: Making data access January 30
Ian Russell makes a trip to Coventry, to talk about Micro ORM. Do you ever get to the stage where you are fed up of writing loads of boilerplate ADO.NET code or having to jump through a number of hoops with an ORM? Do you wish that there was something easy to use, with minimal configuration, that just works? You are not alone; Come and see how a micrORM could be just what you have been looking for!
Events: December 2011
Go Asynchronous With C# 5.0 December 12
It's over a year since Anders Hejlsberg announced the Visual Studio Async CTP at PDC 2010. Since then we've had a refresh for VS2010 SP1 which extended the CTP to Windows Mobile as well as including a licence for production use, and the announcement of WinRT with comprehensive support for async programming. We'll use the CTP to show how you don’t need to create callback functions anymore and we can write code in the same way as if it were synchronous, using the compiler to do all of the heavy lifting for us
Events: November 2011
JetBrains Tour - Coventry November 17
The JetBrains bus rolls into Coventry with Hadi Hariri, talking about mouseless driven development - expect, pizza, swag and a good all round evening.
Events: October 2011
Natural Laws - Kendall Tour October 26
Another Tour hits NxtGenUG, this time it's Kendall Miller, who'll be talking about Natural Laws of Software Performance. We'll also be having a nugget, dishing out some swag and consuming Pizza!
Events: September 2011
A Look at Powershell September 26
Jimmy Skowronski drops into NxtGenUG Coventry to talk about powershell from the ground up! - We'll also be having some pizza and possibly a nugget too!
Events: August 2011
Time for Work Flow August 15
NxtGenUG's very own John McLoughlin takes a trip up to Coventry to talk about Workflow, we'll also be having some pizza, giving away some swag and maybe even having a nugget
Events: July 2011
The Gill Cleeren NxtGenUG tour July 06
The Gill Cleeren NxtGenUG tour, sponsored by Telerik, hits stop 3 with a trip to NxtGenuG Coventry. Gill will be covering both Silverlight MVVM and Also JQuery, they'll be Pizza, Swag and possibly even a nugget too..
Telerik have also kindly donated some SWAG specially for the event: a Telerik Ultimate Suite (worth $2000), tshirts and some other swag as well
Events: June 2011
MVC 3 June 20
NxtGenUG member Ian Russell tells us all about the world of MVC. We'll also have a nugget, and some Pizza.
Events: May 2011
5 Years Old May 23
It's been 5 years of NxtGenUG meetings in Coventry, so time to celebrate. Who better to have speak than Mr C# himself Jon Skeet, talking about C# and how it's changed over the last 5 years, with plenty of tips and tricks. We'll have a nugget, from a long standing member, have a drink and maybe even a bit of a party with John Price on Dance Central (ok - most of this sounds appealing)
Events: April 2011
Computer: Tea, Earl Grey, Hot April 18
** NOTE DATE CHANGE - NOW THE 18th APRIL ** NxtGenUG's very own John Price takes centre stage to talk about Home Automation, with his popular DDD session. featuring lots of gadgets and demos, it's gonna be an entertaining night - plus they'll be pizza, a nugget and swag!
Events: March 2011
Andy Westgarth continues his tour, stopping at Coventry for a Session on IIS Seach Engine Optimisation. We'll also be optimising the Pizza and seaching for some Swag and Nuggets.
Events: February 2011
MonoTouch Wednesday February 09
A Change of Night, and a change of technology. Chris Hardy makes his third NxtGenUG stop of the year to visit Coventry to talk about MonoTouch and Developing for different platforms, they'll be some Pizza and possibly a nugget.
Events: January 2011
It's So Raven January 24
In the first meeting of 2011, Rob Ashton pops in to Coventry to talk about RavenDB, they'll also be some Pizza and possibly a nugget.
Events: December 2010
Not a DRY eye in the house December 13
Mark Rendle brings his award winning session to NxtGenUG Coventry to help us keep our C# code DRY. We'll also be having a nugget, and giving out some Xmas Swag.

Just for Ian Russell, You can get the code samples here
Events: November 2010
Return of the King November 22
Ok, you can stop asking now, and yes it's been tooo long, NxtGenUG Co-Founder, Singer/Songwriter and Sharepoint Legend Dave McMahon visits the venue in Coventry to talk about the latest and greatest in Sharepoint. We'll be having a nugget, giving out some (of Dave's) swag and eating lots of pizza...
Events: October 2010
NxtGenUG WP7 Launch October 25
So there's going to be the launch of a new phone at some stage this year, featuring WP7, or something, so i hear. Well, to mark this occasion, come on over the NxtGenUG coventry, for a session on XNA and Windows Phone 7 - we'll build a game over 60 minutes, and learn how we can make money from building applications on the device. plus they'll be some Swag, possibly a nugget, and some celebratory launch Pizza.
Events: September 2010
A Grand Performance September 13
NxtGenUG Member Peter Marriott, dons his presentation jacket, to talk about Performance tips, for a SQL Server based applcation. We'll be having some Pizza, dishing out some SWAG and possibly even having a nugget!
Events: August 2010
Entity Framework 4 August 09
He's been to more NxtGenUG meetings than anyone, including the co-founders. NxtGenUG Uber-Member Geff Lombardi drops in on Coventry to talk about Entity Framework 4. We'll also be having some 'chilli' on our pizza and dishing out some swag - there may also be a nugget - any volunteers?
Events: July 2010
How Clean is your ASP.NET? July 12
NxtGenUG own's answer to Kim Woodburn, Dave Sussman, brings his rubber gloves and mop to the Royal British Legion to show us how to clean up our ASP.NET code. We'll also be having a nugget on T4 from Peter Marriott, and some pizza ordered by 'Aggie' John Price
Events: June 2010
Windows 7 - MOBILE! June 28
Microsoft's Paul Foster visits Coventry to much excitement to talk about Windows Mobile 7 Series - with a session on "application and game development on Windows Phone 7 Series" - that's all we can say for now. Once you've digested this, we'll digest some pizza, and give away some swag and a first time nugget from NxtGenUG Member Damian Powell.
Events: May 2010
He's Got the Power May 24
Ben Nunney drops in on Coventry to tell us about Powershell. We'll also be having a nugget, some pizza and giving out swag!
Events: April 2010
The Designer Police April 26
After hearing stories about Richard Costall's attempt to impose his design philosophy on the Coventry attendees, the Design Police arrive in the form of Tricky Business's Richard 'Tricky' Bassett. We'll also be having a nugget, plus some well designed Pizza and swag
Events: March 2010
DBA's Rejoice it's EF March 29
Simon Sabin, comes to Coventry fresh from his popular Entity Framework session at DDD8, to tell us why DBA's will be concerned about ORM's and the Entity Framework. We'll also have a nugget, some Pizza and give out some SWAG ....
Location :
Directions to new venue
MixGenUG Coventry March 25
If you can't get to Mix, we'll bring Mix to you, Richard will be hiding Microsoft's Adam Kinney in his suitcase and bringing him back to the UK to brief the NxtGenUG members on information from Mix10 - This is a special event in addition to our monthly meetings.
Location :
Directions to new venue
Events: February 2010
The Kitchen Synch February 22
If you've got Synch problems, then call in the plumber - John Price travels all the way from, well, err the bar, to talk about the ADO.NET Synch Framework - We'll also be having some pizza, a nugget and giving out some swag!


With various issues being raised over changes at Coventry Airport we have had to re-assess our meeting location and as a result we've decided to try somewhere new - The Royal British Legion is off the end of Rowley Road where we normally meet. It's at the end of Kimberley Road See
here for the location.
Events: January 2010
May the Silverlight 4's be wit January 25
Just 4 months after Silverlight 3 ships - Microsoft go an release a beta of Silverlight 4. Coventry's very own Richard Costall will be here to give an update, plus they'll be the usual, pizza, nugget and swag.
Events: December 2009
Merry CommunicationMas December 14
Zulfiqar Ahmed drops in from Microsoft to talk about WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), and what he doesn't know about WCF isn't worth knowing! We'll also be having a nugget, rolling out the swagometer and having a christmas drink!
Events: November 2009
Software Project War Stories November 30
Black Marbles, Robert 'Boss' Hogg, jumps in the General Lee, and drives down to Coventry, doing some great jumps over hay bails, and through old barns on the way to talk about Software Project War Stories. with tales from the front line. We'll be having some Moonshine, and may even get John to do a Nugget, then we'll all be in Hazard County...
Events: October 2009
MEF Extensibility Framework October 19
NxtGenUG Member Ben Hall hot foots it over from RedGate in Cambridge to talk to us about the Managed Extensibility Framework, or MEF to its Friends - We'll also be having some Pizza, Swag and a Nugget along the way...
Events: September 2009
ASP.NET Development. September 21
Speaker and Author Dan Maharry, a man more used to the details of the web than Spiderman, drops into Coventry to talk about ASP.NET Development, we'll also be having a nugget, pizza plus some swag!
Events: August 2009
To MVC, or not to MVC August 17
Top community chap and presenter, Sebastien Lambla leaves the smoke for an evening to come up to Coventry and spread the word about MVC -We'll also be having a nugget, food and, if we can find any, giving away some swag!
Events: July 2009
The Magnificent Windows 7 July 20
Seven is a great number, we have the Seven Samurai, the Magnificent 7, The Secret Seven and the Seven Dwarfs - So it's not surprising the next version of Windows is called Windows 7 - You'll be Happy to know We'll be having a visit from Microsoft to talk about Windows 7. We'll be taking questions if you are not too Bashful. They'll be a nugget, DOCumentation and my fellow coordinator John Price will be Sleepy, Grumpy and Dopey at the back (He never reads this anyway). There, That was Sneezy wasn't it. [EDIT by John, I do read this, but Rich wont notice the edit...;-), HAPPY to stay at the back - too BASHFUL to move forward you see] Please don't Doc me points on the feedback for this abstract.
Events: June 2009
Workflow V4 June 15
There's been a lot of talk about Workflow since PDC, so it's time to find out what's going on. Microsoft's Morgan Skinner visits Coventry to dish the dirt on Workflow V4, plus we'll be having a member nugget, SWAG, and John will be coming up with another surprise culinary dish - Faggots, Pasta, whatever next!
Events: May 2009
CSS Deep Dive May 18
International Speaker, and Software Legend Dave Sussman visits Coventry to ease our CSS pain. We'll be looking at Standards Based Websites, CSS Adaptors, and how ASP.NET 4.0 plays a part. We'll also be having a nugget, giving out SWAG and eating some food. Given time Dave will also give us a demonstration of Trout Tickling, one of his favourite pastimes.
Events: April 2009
Silverlight Fantastic April 27
The Hills are alive with the Sound of Silverlight. Styling on Controls and Markers on Videos these are a few of my favourite things. When Flash installs, when Javascript errors, when I'm feeling sad. I simply remember my favourite things and then I don't feel so bad! - SWAG and Pizza are also some of our favourtie things and we'll be having a nugget too.. There may also be a 'LARGE' amount of Mix (Silverlight 3) based content :-)
Events: March 2009
You are under a REST! March 09
Seasoned NxtGenUG Speaker Alan Dean makes his first trip to NxtGenUG Coventry to let us all know about REST, it's background and positioning against SOAP. We'll also be having a nugget, giving away some SWAG and eating some food too!
Events: February 2009
Mike's Parallel Extensions February 23
Top NxtGenUG and Microsoft Speaker Mike Taulty comes back to Coventry in a bid to retain the 'Best Event Trophy' in Coventry. Mike will be talking about Parallel Extensions. Plus We'll have a nugget, and some Pizza - oh and SWAG!. John get out the trophy polish!

Events: January 2009
The Designer/Developer Story.. January 19
Once upon a time there was a Designer called Simon Sturgess who lived in a nice shiny expression land. One day he came across a Developer named Timothy Hustler who lived in VS2008-Land. Wizard Microsoft cast a spell and they both lived together happily ever after (purely on a professional basis). The Wizard has also promised he'll magic some pizza too and possibly a nugget.
Events: December 2008
WPF Episode 2: I18N December 08
Guy Smith-Ferrier returns to the flying club, for his Faggot and Mushy Pea batch - along with a great Session on Internationalization of WPF and Silverlight Applications. We'll also be looking into Santa's Sack - Phnarr, Phnarr - for a Yueltide nugget!
Events: November 2008
WPF Episode 1: DeepDive November 24
MSP and WPF Fanatic Kris Athi stops by in Coventry to give us a heads up on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). They'll also be a nugget and the customary pizza.
Events: October 2008
TSMMD in VS October 20
Blue Badged Alex Homer comes to the rescue of NxtGenUG Coventry, in this session changing event. Alex will be covering the Team System Management Model Designer for Visual Studio. We'll also be having some food and giving out some swag.
Events: September 2008
When Rich met Ian Smith in Vegas he instantly knew he was a Video Buff, not because he had an eye for visual perfection, but because he carried around a 20KG Video Camera. Ian Smith drops in to Coventry to lift the lid, and explain the tips on Video Podcasting. We'll also be having a nugget and some Pizza. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION !
Events: August 2008
XNA, Silverlight and Gaming August 11
Somethings you do in the bedroom you don't talk about, but this certainly is worth it. Pete Mcgann (XNA) and Richard Costall (Silverlight) talk about XNA, Gaming and Silverlight in their own unique style. Plus we'll have a nugget and some pizza.

We've even signed up an all-star band and are proud to present "John Price and the NxtGener's" for your evenings entertainment. Band, they should be!

[EAR Defenders not Provided]
Events: July 2008
Volta - The Next Generation July 21
Derr de derrr... [Insert Star Trek Music] Robert Hogg, of Black Marble, Trekkies down to NxtGenUG Coventry to reveal Microsoft Volta. Microsoft Live Labs "Volta" is an early access toolset that presents a new way of developing client and server side applications by allowing multi-tier web application to be rapidly developed using familiar .NET skills and techniques. They'll also be a Nuggetoid from Rich on the Planetoid Silverlight, and hopefully you'll klingon till the pizza arrives. Beam Me Up!
Events: June 2008
I've got the POWER - Shell June 16
All it took was a quick mention of PowerShell by Microsoft's Andrew Fryer and the members wanted to know more - So here it is Richard Siddaway take us on a developer journey through Powershell. Powershell, Pizza, Prizes in Pinata's and Porcupines -Well no Porcupines but they'll be a nugget on something!
Events: May 2008
Test Driven Meeting May 19
NxtGenUG Member, and RedGate Test Engineer Ben Hall comes back to Coventry to talk about Test Driven Development - What's it all about and why's it important. They'll probably be a nugget and some food!
Events: April 2008
Daves Moss Collection April 21
The phone line wasn't too good when we chatted, but NxtGenUG's very own Dave McMahon will be dropping by to show us his MOSS collection, he also said something about being able to SHARE and POINT at the MOSS with some great demos. Dave will also be interested in that we have Mushroom on the pizza.
Events: March 2008
Launch Swagaganza 2008 March 31
Come to Coventry, raise that champagne glass and celebrate the launch of the latest set of Microsoft "Heroes Happen Here" products - Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008. Tonight we'll be focusing on the ITPro side of things with coverage of SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008. Join me on a trip to the 'Dark Side'. Vegas has it's fountains, but NxtGenUG have mount Swagavarus and it's due to errupt tonight - plus they'll be pizza and maybe a launch drink! Bring your laptops and we'll have a Install-Fest too with a limited number of copies of Visual Studio 2008 Standard, you'd be mad to miss this one. Ready, Steady, Install - but who will install the fastest... Laptops at the ready PLUS ** they'll be a prize for the best dressed superhero (or evil villian) on the night (Dave, you are not allowed to come as Richy) ***
Events: February 2008
From here to Entity February 25
Microsoft's Mike Taulty pops along to Coventry to tell us about the ADO.NET 3.0 Entity Framework, how it works and why it's important. Can he beat Daniel's high scoring VS2008 session - The gloves are off and the laptops are on!. We'll also have a nugget and some pizza.
Events: January 2008
I wanna tell you Astoria.. January 28
Guy Smith-Ferrier, last years Coventry 'Best Session' winner, comes back by popular demand and wants to retain his title. He is even willing to talk about something other than Internationalisation. Plus they'll be a nugget and some pizza....
Events: December 2007
I'm dreaming of a ... December 10
I'm dreaming of a Silverlight Christmas. Just like the ones I used to know. Where the buttons glisten and attendees listen to hear, great demos in the show.I'm dreaming of a Silveright Christmas With every web Page I write. May your devs be merry and bright And may all your pages not be white. I'm dreaming of a Silverlight Demo With Chris and Rich on Stage. May your SWAG be expensive and bright And may all your Pizza be large. Chris Hay and Richard Costall will present a variety of Silverlight nuggets, aimed at highlighting the featrues and pitfalls with Silverlight 1.1. This will be a demo heavy session, so fasten your seatbelts.
Events: November 2007
Presentation Skills November 12
Time for something different! Dave, Rich and John all undertook a two day presentation skills course at Microsoft. Alan Elston, accomplished trainer, coach and presenter, has kindly offered to drop in on Coventry and lift the lid on presentation and hosting skills. Anybody fancy doing a nugget? plus there will be pizza too..
Events: October 2007
VS2008 and .NET 3.5 October 22
Daniel Moth drops in at the flying club to tell what all the fuss is about with VS2008 and .NET 3.5. We decided to ban him from talking about LINQ to XML, LINQ to SQL, and just let him LINQ to a nugget. Make sure you don't BLINQ or you'll miss the pizza. NOTE: This session contains no LINQ.
Events: September 2007
It came from Outer Card-Space. September 25
Barry Dorrans is beamed down to Coventry - to reveal the future of Internet Identity with Microsoft's Windows CardSpace - Information Cards. We also welcome the return of Inspector Martin Wright of the West Midlands Police who will be presenting a 'nugget' on e-security and WARPs, Galactic 'Swag' and 'Intergalactic' Pizza feature ... Engage!
Events: August 2007
Mind your TABLE manners! August 13
Dave Sussman (ASP.NET MVP, Author and Speaker) drops in to tell us why Table based web page layout can cause design change issues. We have Pizza based layout on the Tables and Rich comes up with a pretty amazing, yet sinister nugget.
Events: July 2007
WPF, XAML and Silverlight July 09
Mike Ormond drops in from Microsoft to talk about Silverlight (WPF/E), XAML and WPF - bringing us into the next generation of user interfaces for Windows and Web applications. We'll also be having a member nugget and Pizza too.
Events: June 2007
On the Rails! June 25
Dave Verwer joins us from Shiny Development to deliver a session on dynamic languages, covering Ruby on Rails. Well also be having extra meaty member nuggets from James Coulter and Ben Hall, and the Pizza man will be delivering, well Pizza of course!
Events: May 2007
An Audience with Dave and Al May 14
We are into the second year of NxtGenUG events, so time for something special - An Audience with Dave Sussman and Alex Homer, top Authors, Presenters and MVP's drop in on Coventry for an evening of questions, answers and maybe a song and dance routine finale. Featuring Pizza, and perhaps a nugget...
Events: April 2007
XNA and Games Night April 23
Games in C# and VB.NET on the XBox 360 - Wow! XNA looks set to bring back the glory days of games development for all. Andy Sithers, from Microsoft, explores the framework, Nick Burton joins us from Rare and the Pro's step in with a Nugget. Games development all round!
Events: March 2007
Internationalisation March 19
TechED speaker Guy Smith-Ferrier drops in to show us what we should think about before Internationalising our applications. Plus we have the usual Pizza, and VSTO and XNA gaming Nuggets!
Events: February 2007
EVO Launch Party February 26
Nobody does launch meetings like the NxtGenUG boys and this one isn't any different. Windows Vista emerges as Microsoft's next generation Operating System, and is joined by Microsoft Office System 2007 and Exchange 2007. The gloves are off and Dave, John, Rich and special guest Alun Rogers are all convinced they know about the best features in these products. But which one will you put your money on?
Events: January 2007
Roadtrip - Vista and Office January 23
Want to hear about Vista, Office 2007 and .NET 3.0? From Monday 22nd to Friday 26th January the Microsoft UK developer team will be touring the country to bring the story to many organisations of all types. In the week they hope to deliver 12-15 sessions of around 90 minutes each – depending on the amount of travelling between each location. On Tuesday 23rd January they will be coming to Coventry where NxtGenUG will be hosting the evening. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS REGISTER/LOGIN ON OUR SITE AND THEN REGISTER ON THIS PAGE FOR THE EVENT - HURRY AS PLACES ARE LIMITED!
Its Mobile Device Night January 15
TechED Speaker and MVP Andy Wigley drops in on NxtGenUG Coventry for an evening of two parts. Covering different aspects of mobile development.
Events: December 2006
Christmas Festival December 11
Christmas is coming so out come the toys! John Price get us all excited about Media Centre, XBOX 360 and Vista from both a developer and consumer perspective. Rich has a play on the 360 and we review the year and give out presents. Ho Ho Ho
Events: November 2006
Sharepoint and TechED November 13
Sharepoint 2007 - Nick Swan from the Sharepoint User group shows Sharepoint from a developer perspective, Rich and Geff give their TechED highlights and we also eat Food and welome members of the Sharepoint User Group.
Events: October 2006
Building ASP.NET Controls October 16
Barry Dorrans explains how to build .net controls for use in Web Applications, members James Coulter and Stuart Wells explore the Windows Forms Listview in, not one but two, nugget sessions, plus the usual interviews and, of course, food.
Events: September 2006
Real World Security Audit! September 18
Behind the Scenes of a real world Security Audit featuring Chris Seary, plus an Atlas Toolkit nugget from Richard Costall, interviews and some food.
Events: August 2006
Testing UI August 14
Join Richard Fennell from Black Marble as he looks at features of the .NET framework to help testing graphic user interfaces. plus we will have an Atlas 'nugget' from Richard Costall and of course lashings of food and drink
Events: July 2006
Benjamin Mitchell on Workflow July 10
Windows Workflow looks set to change the way we build applications. Benjamin gives us a look at this technology, plus interviews and food...
Pie & Pint Night July 06
Be there for the 1st NxtGenUG social evening. Join us for an evening in a relaxed atmoshphere. Sit around, have a laugh,talk about code, the world cup and whatever else takes your fancy. We will also have a bite to eat and a drink (not funded). This event is open to all registered members. (please register for this event so we can pre-book)
Events: June 2006
XML in .net 2.0 and Interviews June 19
Catch up with the NxtGenUG guys. Join Alex Homer, MVP, Author, Speaker and Software legend, for an indepth look at XML in .NET 2.0. Win some prizes, eat some food and watch some interviews...
Events: May 2006
Coventry Launch Extravaganza May 15
This is where it all begins. Come and join the NxtGenUG team to celebrate the launch, including Welcome messages from around the world and plenty of prizes.
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