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Where you can find us Where you can find us
Formed in April 2006. Birmingham Science Park Aston near the city centre hosts NxtGenUG Birmingham. A great meeting place to discuss technology and eat Pizza!
Having opened in September 2007, Cambridge will offer a unique insight into Microsoft Research.
Coventry venue has a bar and comfy chairs. With great meetings every month, what more could you ask for? Serving the Coventry community since April 2006.
Deepest Essex is the scene of the eighth NxtGenUG Region, poised just outside the M25, it's run by Rob Silver and Anis Batliwala local lads with a passion for technology
NxtGenUG Hereford - Then there were six. Formed in February 2009 Hereford is the newest NxtGenUG Region. Run by local guys Ryan O'Neill and Richard Wilde.
"It's a sunny paradise!" does not describe soggy Manchester; at least it has its own NxtGenUG region! Run by Steven Robbins and Andy Wilkinson, two northern guys with a passion for pizza/technology!
Holding it's first meeting in November 2006, Oxford is headed up by the prfessional and enthusiastic Richie Hopton and BI Consultant Robert Minchin
By the seaside, in the warmth of the South, NxtGenUG Southampton is run by John McLoughlin and Richie Allen, local guys with a passion for technology! Southampton started in October 2007.
Conferences Conferences
Partner Showcase Partner Showcase
Typemock provides unit testing tools for developers worldwide, to make unit testing easy. We are passionate about helping developers, giving them the easiest and best tools to ensure code integrity. We're committed to developing software thate delivers the benefits of quick and east unit testing to .NET developers around the globe - making sure you get quality code, with the minimum amount of debugging, and maximizing your efficiency.
Typemock provides unit testing tools for developers worldwide, to make unit testing easy. We are passionate about helping developers, giving them the easiest and best tools to ensure code integrity. We're committed to developing software thate delivers the benefits of quick and east unit testing to .NET developers around the globe - making sure you get quality code, with the minimum amount of debugging, and maximizing your efficiency.
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NxtGenUG Region 
Holding it's first meeting in November 2006, Oxford is headed up by the prfessional and enthusiastic Richie Hopton and BI Consultant Robert Minchin
Meet the Coordinators
Richard Hopton
Richard Hopton started his long-term relationship with development at the tender age of 8 when writing text adventure games on the BBC at school, followed by several years of dabbling in Amiga games and demos. He moved onto writing applications in Delphi until 2008 when C# became his language of choice, and .NET his new spiritual home.

Richard now works as a development team leader for SalesAchiever, an independent software company specialising in producing a market leading industry-specific CRM solution written in C# and WPF.
Paul Milburn
Been freelancing for last 8 years. Recently worked on BI projects and historically on ASP.NET based projects using C# and SQL.
Adrian Sutcliffe
Events: April 2013
Pragmatic Dependency Injection April 16
Due to commitments April's meeting will be on Tuesday the 16th. NxtGenUG member Ian Russell gives us a pragmatic view of Dependency Injection. In the session, you will discover what Dependency Injection is, why you will want, and need, to use it in your projects, when it is and is not appropriate to use it and and how to get the best out of it.
Events: March 2013
TDD, where did it all go wrong March 05
Ian Cooper returns to Oxford to enlighten us on where TDD went wrong. Since Kent Beck wrote the book on TDD in 2002 a lot of words have been dedicated to the subject. But many of them propogated misunderstandings of Kent's original rules so that TDD practice bears little resemblance to Kent's original ideas. Key misunderstandings around what do I test, what is a unit test, and what is the 'public interface' have led to test suites that are brittle, hard to read, and do not support easy refactoring. In this talk we re-discover Kent's original proposition, discover where key misunderstandings occured and look at a better approach to TDD that supports sofware development instead of impeding it. Be prepared from some sacred cows to be slaughtered and fewer but better tests to be written.
Events: February 2013
TypeScript with Mark Rendle February 05
"TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript." In this talk, I'll look at what that means, both as a technical description and to you as a developer, and particularly as a member of a development team. Covering: * The language, or the extra syntax TypeScript adds to JavaScript; * TypeScript tooling for Visual Studio; * TypeScript in Windows 8 Store apps; * Using TypeScript outside Visual Studio and .NET; * A look at the TypeScript ecosystem that is already appearing; * Appendix A: The Bad Parts If you're working on a JavaScript project of any real size or scope, you owe it to yourself to at least evaluate TypeScript and see what it can offer your team. This talk will get you started.
Events: November 2012
Daily WTF hits Oxford - CANCEL November 13
Event cancelled.
Events: October 2012
VS2012 tools to Fix Prod October 16
Tarun Arora (MVP and ALM Ranger) will be stopping by to talk about Visual Studio 2012 Tools to battle the 2 most common scenarios we run into as developers: Poor performance and bugs which are on production but not test or dev!. This talk will show how to use IntelliTrace in Production and Visual Studio Standalone profiler to combat these issues.
Events: September 2012
Jessie Liberty Tour Special September 28
Jessie Liberty's tour rolls into Oxford for special Event. He'll be talking about Windows 8 for Developers , so make sure to catch this one!
Events: August 2012
No More Passwords, OAuth in Ac August 07
Jimmy Skowronski, organiser of the Gloucester .NET user group is back, and this time he's talking OAuth, namely how to delegate the authentication of your site (and reduce all that boilerplate development effort) to the great authetication providers in the cloud:
Events: July 2012
CQRS and Event Sourcing July 10
Ashic Mahtab comes up from London to talk about CQRS, Event Source and how it can bring Elegance to "Normal" Applications.
Events: June 2012
MVC , My first 5 months June 12
Richard Costall pops down from NxtGen Coventry to talk about his experiences with MVC3 and Razor. Richard will show of some of the stuff he's learnt, and find out if he's convinced it's any better than Joomla or webForms :-)
Events: May 2012
Going Global with MVC May 01
Top bloke, worldwide speaker and all round nice chap Guy Smith-Ferrier heads up to Oxford to talk about his one true passion "Internationalisation"! Guy will show us how to internationalise an MVC application.
Events: April 2012
Introduction to DDD April 03
Ian Cooper travels up from London to enlighten us all about Domain Driven Design. Ian Cooper has over 18 years of experience delivering Microsoft platform solutions in government, healthcare, and finance. When he is not writing code he is also the founder of the London .NET user group
Events: March 2012
Web Caching 101 March 06
Sebastien Lambla come to Oxford to teach us something we probably all don't know as well as we should! We of course will be serving Pizza, giving away great swag and maybe throw in a Nugget...
Events: February 2012
This Androids Life February 07
Ross Scott is starting our year with a talk about "This Androids Life". If you wanted to understand HTML5 and Phone Gap or even Java and Eclipse or .net and C# that can all be used on an Android device then this is a session that you cannot afford to miss. We of course will be serving Pizza, giving away great swag and maybe throw in a Nugget...
Events: November 2011
Cool things in SQL Denali November 15
Microsoft SQL Evangelist Andrew Fryer comes to Oxford to show us all the cool stuff in Denali with a focus on developer tools, we'll also be having some pizza, giving away some UBER swag (XBOX!) and maybe even having a nugget
Events: October 2011
Designing for Others October 25
Another Tour hits NxtGenUG, this time it's Kendall Miller, who'll be talking about Designing for Others, Lessons from Commercial API Development. We'll also be dishing out some swag and consuming Pizza!
Events: September 2011
NHibernate from the trenches September 20
Fellow NxtGenUG co-ordinator Richard Wilde heads over to Oxford to deliver us a "seen it, done it" overview of using NHibernate in a real world application
Events: August 2011
Power(shell) to the Developer! August 02
Windows PowerShell is a great tool for system administrators but how can you write your own cmdlets to extend powershell into your environment, Jimmy Skowronski shows us how! There will be Pizza, Swag and maybe even a nugget.
Events: July 2011
The Gill Cleeren NxtGenUG Tour July 05
The Gill Cleeren NxtGenUG tour, sponsored by Telerik, hits stop 2 with a trip to NxtGenuG Oxford. Gill will be covering an exciting topic, they'll be Pizza, Swag and possibly even a nugget too....
Telerik have also kindly donated some SWAG specially for the event: a Telerik Ultimate Suite (worth $2000), tshirts and some other swag as well
Events: June 2011
Return of the Entity Framework June 07
Geff Lombardi pops down from Brum to update us on Entity Framework 4. As usual there will be Pizza and Swag.
Events: May 2011
Real World Dynamic C# May 03
Mark Rendle pops across to show some real world usage of the "Dynamic" keyword that was added in C# 4. With pizza and some swag it looks to be a great evening.
Events: April 2011
Let the Work Flow! April 05
John Mc makes his way up from the south coast to give us a session on Windows Workflow Foundation 4. With Pizza and swag it's bound to be a great evening so don't miss it!
Events: March 2011
Say Yes to IIS March 08
Renouned speaker from the North East, Andrew Westgarth, comes all the way down to give us a session on IIS7.5 for developers... with pizza and some swag it's bound to be a great evening.
.Net on a chip! March 01
The .NET Micro Framework is .NET for small and resource constrained devices. It runs on 1.5m devices such as sat navs, parking meters, heart monitors and remote controls among many other things. In this session Ryan O'Neill will be showing how to programme the Micro Framework on a real device, what hardware is out there and who uses Micro Framework.
Events: February 2011
Continuously Dependant February 01
Taking stock of some of the key concepts we should all be thinking about we are please to welcome Paul Stack & Rob Ashton to talk about Continuous Integration and Dependency Injection. With some Pizza and a bit of swag it's bound to be a great evening!
Events: January 2011
A Quantum of Computing ... January 11
A new Year is here and we start off in style with Dave McMahon providing his own look into the far future with a brief resume of the world of Quantum Computing and a SQL nugget from Robert Minchin.
Events: December 2010
Heads in the Cloud December 07
Dom Green makes his way up from Microsoft Reading to talk to us about Azure after using it for several projects in 2009 & 2010. With pizza, mince pies, swag and maybe even a member nugget you'll be sure to be floating on cloud 9 by the end of the evening.
Events: November 2010
RavenDB FTW! November 02
Rob Ashton stands in for Neil Robbins and gives us what should be a great and upbeat session on RavenDB. It sounds new, exciting, futuristic and just what the doctor ordered. With pizza, swag and maybe even a nugget it'll be an exciting night!
Events: October 2010
Windows Phone 7 for Developers October 19
Matt Lacey from DevEvening and WPUG pops in to show us everything we need to know to get started with developing for Windows Phone 7. With pizza, swag and maybe a nugget this will be an evening you won't want to miss!
Not by Design October 05
DUE TO ANOTHER CANCELLATION BY RAY BOOYSEN THE SPEAKER/TOPIC FOR THIS MEETING HAS CHANGED. DevExpress' very own Gary Short steps into the void left by Ray and dispenses some of his expertise on Design Patterns. With pizza and swag it'll surely be an eye opening evening!
Events: September 2010
BI Gum its PRISM and Silverlig September 07
With a slight change of speaker, and a slight change of subject (only slight), we now say hello to NxtGenUG Co-Founder Dave McMahon as he travels to Oxford to present a session on building a BI Dashboard using PRISM, Silverlight, SQL Server, Bing Maps and SharePoint. Basically the whole Microsoft Stack! Pizza of course, Swag of course, a Nugget? Maybe ...
Events: August 2010
Making an Exception August 03
Phil Winstanley, author and creator of Exceptioneer, makes his way down the M6, M6 Toll, M42, M40 and A34 to come and enlighten us on EDD or Exception Driven Development. With pizza, swag and maybe even a nugget you're sure to have an exceptionally good time.
Events: July 2010
Gotcha Silverlight! July 06
Ray Booysen makes his way up from London to fill us in on some of the real world gotchas you are likely to face when developing with Silverlight. Add to that pizza, swag and maybe even a nugget and you are set for the evening!
Events: June 2010
Hyper-V for Developers June 09
The Liam Westley roadshow pulls into RM for a talk about Hyper-V and how it can be tamed and mastered for use by developers. With swag, pizza and maybe even a nugget you'll miss out if you miss it!
Events: May 2010
May the 4's be with you May 04
Just 4 months after Silverlight 3 ships - Microsoft go an release a beta of Silverlight 4. NxtGenUG founder Richard Costall has kindly agreed to come down from Oxford to give us an update. With pizza, swag and maybe even a nugget you be in for an intersteller evening!
Events: April 2010
Starting a spring diet April 14
We are pleased to welcome renowned speaker and author Robert C Martin, fondly known as Uncle Bob, to NxtGenUG Oxford for a session which is sure to whet your appetite - with the swag giveaway and pizza it's a evening not to miss!
Events: March 2010
S.O.L.I.D. as a R.O.C.K. March 02
London .NET Usergroup founder Ian Cooper makes his way up to Oxford to demystify the S.O.L.I.D. design principles and discuss why they have been recognised as the best practice development techniques we should all be using. With Pizza and perhaps a nugget this is one not to miss!
Events: February 2010
Everything in the kitchen sync February 02
NxtGenUG Coordinator John Price makes his way down from Coventry to show us how to keep all of our devices in sync with ADO.NET Sync Services. With a nugget from Reading's own Chris Tingley on Ruby on Rails and the obligatory pizza it's shaping up to be a cracking evening!
Events: January 2010
PowerShell & SharePoint 101s January 05
Ben Nunney heads over from Microsoft Reading to talk to us about PowerShell and our very own Dave McMahon will be popping down from Brum to dive into SharePoint with a brand new session especially for Oxford, plus Pizza and Swag! A must see.
Events: December 2009
When agile goes bad December 01
Now recovered from his man flu Sebastien Lambla braves the winter weather to explain what to do when agile goes bad. Hopefully the pizza order and the swag box stay good!
Events: November 2009
Silverlight 3 November 02
NxtGenUG CoFounder Richard Costall visits Oxford to talk about Silverlight 3, and highlight the changes to graphics, media, out of browser, and other stuff. plus, they'll be a nugget, some pizza and swag!
Events: October 2009
Testing Richard October 06
Our very own Richard Hopton steps into the breach as poor Sebastien is laid low by the deadly man flu. Will his session on testing pass is first outing? Come along and find out!
Events: September 2009
On Cloud 9 September 01
Vista Squads Ray Booysen floats on his cloud into Oxford to talk about Windows Azure, without the aid of a safety net or a Hello World Sample. We'll also be having a nugget, some pizza and Swag - if we can find any!
Events: August 2009
The Need for Speed August 04
Phil Pursglove, puts the pedal to the metal to talk about Microsoft Velocity, a new distributed caching framework. We'll also be giving away some swag, eating some pizza and maybe even having a nugget!
Events: July 2009
WPF, WPF, WPF July 06
Vista Squad's Ray Booysen drops into Oxford to delight the crowd with Windows Presentation Foundation, or WPF to its friends. We'll also be having a nugget and some pizza too..
Events: June 2009
Flex Those PEX June 01
NxtGenUG Member Ben Hall drops into Oxford to Flex his Microsoft PEX and we'll be looking through the Nugget looking glass and feasting on Pizza
Events: May 2009
from Here to Entity May 05
Microsoft's Eric Nelson takes us from here to Entity with the ADO.NET Entity Framework. Plus we'll be having another nugget and they'll be lashings of Pizza.
Events: April 2009
DLS's in C# 3.5 April 14
Ian Cooper returns to Oxford again to talk about DSL's, and how it's so much easier in C# 3.5. We'll also be giving out SWAG and serving up hot pizza!
Events: March 2009
This One Goes Up To 11 ... March 03
Phil Pursglove of VBUG comes cross country to show us how to get that ASP.NET web application running as fast as it possible can with people actually using it! Pizza, Swag and Nuggets of course.
Events: February 2009
Virtually Liam ... February 04
The ever popular Liam Westley is virtually everywhere these days, and tonight he pops in to speak on virtually everything to do with Virtualisation ... The pizza and swag will be real enough though!
Events: January 2009
Location, Location, Location January 13
Oxford Favourite, Roger Whitehead comes back to Oxford to enlighten us about location based services. We also have a nugget from brand new member Richard Hopton (you can download the code samples from his nugget here). We'll also be giving away some swag and serving up some nice hot pizza!!
Events: December 2008
Deck the Halls .. Mark ... December 09
It may be Christmas time in the workhouse, but that don't mean it needs to be a slog! Andrew Hallmark is here to tell us how to spend more time in the Pub this Christmas, by making use of the CSLA Framework as promoted by Rocky Lhotka. Should be great, plus Chrimbo Swag and Pizza of course!
Events: November 2008
Alex Homer is Back! November 17
You just can't keep them away. Microsoft's Alex Homer is back with his Policy and Dependency Injection with Enterprise Library hat on. We'll be having a nugget and some Pizza.
Events: October 2008
Oh Ah Emm's nHibernate October 07
An evening of Object Relational Mapping (ORM) with a look at nHibernate and how it compares to the new Microsoft Entity Framework. Main speaker for the evening is Ian Cooper of London .NET,there will be a member nugge hopefully and of course that there Pizza stuff and swag ... Enjoy!
Events: September 2008
It's Javascript Time... September 01
Love it or hate it Web Developers have to embrace it. Helen Emerson drops in to explain the power of Javascript and what we can do with it. We'll also be having a nugget and maybe, just mayve, a slice of the old pizza.
Events: August 2008
To Be Continued ... August 06
An evening on Continuous Integration featuring Liam Westley, stalwart member of the UK Community and man of many talents. Member nugeet will feature and the ubiquitous Swag and Pizza in whatever order!
Events: July 2008
The Dynamic Man July 01
NxtGenUG Member Ben Hall likes to be dynamic, especially with the Dynamic Language Runtime. We'll also be having a nugget and maybe even some pizza
Events: June 2008
To MVC or not to MVC ? June 09
Alan Dean takes a dive into the MVC framework including the design patterns, and usage of some of the .NET 3.5 Framework. We'll also have a nugget, and some pizza
Events: May 2008
Entity Framework May 06
Microsoft's Mike Taulty drops in on Oxford to talk about the entity framework, and object relational mapping technology - plus they'll be a nugget and/of course Pizza!
Events: April 2008
Oxford 2008 Launch meeting. April 01
Its launch time in Oxford and Barry has got Simon Sabin to tell us about SQL Server 2008 - We'll have a nugget and, of course, some launch SWAG and Pizza. You'd be a fool to not attend this one!
Events: March 2008
Even more Mobile March 11
Roger Whitehead is back to Oxford by popular demand to drill into the exciting area of mobile development, we'll also have a nugget on something or other, and the pizza will attending too..
Events: February 2008
Ahhh, Ahh, Astoria. February 12
Bless You, or Bless Guy Smith-Ferrier who'll be heading over to Oxford to tell us about this technology. Astoria is a data access layer for client side technologies, such as AJAX and Silverlight. We'll also have a nugget and some pizza.
Events: January 2008
The Moth Goes To Oxford January 14
Venue 4 in Daniel Moth's NxtGenUG Tour! Yes, its a new year, but there's only one Moth. Daniel is back for a solo performance of his Visual Studio 2008, .NET 3.5 talk with no LINQ in sight. Pizza will abound as will swag, and when you get home you'll want to install that Visual Studio 2008 - "Daniel Says" ...
Events: December 2007
Santa Swag in Oxford December 17
The Chaps at Oxford has persuaded some of the local vendors to attend, talk about their products, in exchange for some XMAS Swag! Plus, they'll be Swag, Swag and some Swag - Did I mention Pizza?
Events: November 2007
NxtGenUG in the Media November 27
NxtGenUG in the media, well media centre. NxtGenUG's very own John Price give his 10 foot view on media centre and demonstrates how easy it is to write applications for it and how we can all convince our better halves to buy XBOX 360's
Events: October 2007
Oxford on the MonoRail ... October 30
Heading into the future as ever, but keeping our feet firmly on the ground, the Oxford crew have engaged one of their own Steve Wilmot, and Ian Cooper, no less, of London .NET for your delectation this evening. Pizza of course, swag of course, Chris, Dave and ... Barry, of course!
Events: September 2007
Nothing But Jean Paul Boodhoo! September 17
The Oxford boyz on the suggestion of Adrian Sutcliffe NxtGenUG member will be rugby tackling "Nothin' but .Net" presenter and .NET 'guru' Jean Paul Boodhoo as he gets off the jet from the US, bundling him into the back of a car letting him out in Oxford just for the NxtGenUG crew. Seriously though we're chuffed that Jean Paul is making time away from his 'Nothing But .NET' Course in London to speak to us. It should be a great session, as JP covers loads of fundamentals of .NET programming. Pizza and swag will be there as always, so don't miss this one as NextGenUG go international!
Events: August 2007
Access Not Denied ! August 21
Come along for an evening of Office Integration involving Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0, Access, Excel, Outlook, Web Services. Dave McMahon shows us how Access 2007 can be a key component in a desktop integration scenario and how we should learn to love this much derided application. He also demonstartes how to create Web Services hosted within WSS itself. Pizza, Swag (with the swagmeister himself) and chat, don't miss it!
Events: July 2007
Its Mobile Development Time July 31
Come on over to RM in Abingdon and meet Chris and the Oxford team. Roger Whitehead talks about mobile development, Chris talk about Paint, and we all aquire some SWAG and consume some pizza - What a night!
Events: June 2007
A night of BI June 19
It's Business Intellience night tonight in Oxford. Join Chris Webb for a session on 'Introduction to Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services', a nugget or two, and of course, food.
Events: May 2007
Benjamin Mitchell on Workflow May 02
Benjamin's back and this time for real. Benjamin Mitchell, Microsoft Regional Director gives us the lowdown on Workflow foundation and how it will change the way we develop applications. Plus we have time for a Speech Synthesis Nugget from Richard Costall and pizza.
Events: April 2007
Oliver Sturm Game Challenge April 04
Join Chris, Barry and Dave as they challenge Oliver Sturm to write a game, using WPF and WCF - Can he do it? Also featuring a nugget and, of course, Pizza.
Events: March 2007
(NOT) Ben Mitchell on Workflow March 07
Windows Workflow looked set to change the way we built applications. Until Benjamin got held up due to train difficulties, so Barry Dorrans took centre stage,plus a Geff Lombardi nugget and food...
Events: February 2007
Integration Time with Biztalk February 21
This month the Oxford NxtGenUg brings you a Data Integration Session looking at BizTalk Server. Ben Goeltz of Chateris will talk about the history, architecture and use of BizTalk with, of course, demos! There will be a Vista Nugget from Tim Leung, the chance to chat with other members and guests and naturally ... Pizza!
Events: January 2007
Object Orientation January 17
Have we got object-orientation all wrong? "Object Thinking" (ISBN 0-7356-1965-4) by David West asserts that we have. Alan Dean explores this assertion, and demonstrates self-describing objects / self-evaluating rules with code examples.
Events: December 2006
Hacking Websites and WSE December 06
The crew are back in NxtGenUG Oxford, with the Christmas session. Barry Dorrans shows us how to hack Websites for fun and profit, Chris Seary talks about WSE and there may even be a video interview. Plus of course Pizza and your host for the evening : Dave Oliver.
Events: November 2006
NxtGenUG Oxford Extravaganza November 01
The NxtGenUG Oxford Launch, Featuring your hosts Chris Seary, Barry Dorrans and Dave Oliver, with a SQL Server presentation by Tony Rogerson and a Barry Dorrans Nugget. Plus a special appearance from Dave, Rich and John.
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