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Where you can find us Where you can find us
Formed in April 2006. Birmingham Science Park Aston near the city centre hosts NxtGenUG Birmingham. A great meeting place to discuss technology and eat Pizza!
Having opened in September 2007, Cambridge will offer a unique insight into Microsoft Research.
Coventry venue has a bar and comfy chairs. With great meetings every month, what more could you ask for? Serving the Coventry community since April 2006.
Deepest Essex is the scene of the eighth NxtGenUG Region, poised just outside the M25, it's run by Rob Silver and Anis Batliwala local lads with a passion for technology
NxtGenUG Hereford - Then there were six. Formed in February 2009 Hereford is the newest NxtGenUG Region. Run by local guys Ryan O'Neill and Richard Wilde.
"It's a sunny paradise!" does not describe soggy Manchester; at least it has its own NxtGenUG region! Run by Steven Robbins and Andy Wilkinson, two northern guys with a passion for pizza/technology!
Holding it's first meeting in November 2006, Oxford is headed up by the prfessional and enthusiastic Richie Hopton and BI Consultant Robert Minchin
By the seaside, in the warmth of the South, NxtGenUG Southampton is run by John McLoughlin and Richie Allen, local guys with a passion for technology! Southampton started in October 2007.
Conferences Conferences
Partner Showcase Partner Showcase
Since 1999, Red Gate Software has produced ingeniously simple tools for over 600,000 Microsoft technology professionals worldwide. We currently specialize in tools for MS SQL Server, .NET, Oracle, and Windows Azure. Our philosophy is to design highly usable, reliable tools that solve the problems of DBAs and developers.
Since 1999, Red Gate Software has produced ingeniously simple tools for over 600,000 Microsoft technology professionals worldwide. We currently specialize in tools for MS SQL Server, .NET, Oracle, and Windows Azure. Our philosophy is to design highly usable, reliable tools that solve the problems of DBAs and developers.
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NxtGenUG Region 
Having opened in September 2007, Cambridge will offer a unique insight into Microsoft Research.
Meet the Coordinators
Allister Frost
My first encounter with any form of software development was with a ZX81 in 1982. However at four years old, I was just typing what Dad said. I guess I was an early starter in ‘Pair programming’!

Since then I’ve always had a hand in computing, both software and hardware. I’ve setup a few companies, my first at 17, system building and my first websites in the late 90's. I’ve helped develop around 50 websites over the last 10 years from KP’s portfolio in 1998 to various charities in 2000 (NCDL, WaterAid & GreenPeace Int.) to a number of private .COM ventures (article27 & blue-wire). I had a hand in helping to deliver Vodafone’s ground-breaking M-Pesa project which started in 2007, a mobile money transfer platform.

Most recently, my role involved setting up Visual Studio Lab Management for software teams across CGI Logica for their Retail clients.
I have also delivered a number of training courses for customers in Retail, Banking, Insurance and Software consultancies, covering Microsoft MVC, WPF/Silverlight and TFS Lab Management.

I’ve been known to fly on occasion at Cambridge airport, though I haven’t got anywhere near a PPL yet (I’m not sure if I trust myself!)
Rachel Hawley
As far as technology goes, if it has more than one button I am lost. In a sea of technical content and emerging technologies, I am adrift on a raft made only from DevExpress USB drives and two empty Haribo packets.

However, fortunately for me I enjoy trying to learn about what's new and exciting in the developer community from a huge group of people who are infintely more knowledgable than I.

I've been working in the technology sector since I graduated in 2004, with a near useless degree for this line of work (a Masters in Experimental Phonetics ... on the off chance that you're interested). I first caught a glimpse of what this fast-paced industry might offer me when I worked for Autonomy, and following that I discovered a fantastic developer community when I moved to Red Gate Software. Now I give out the warm fuzzies to DevExpress customers, while making sure that the community that welcomed me in is provided for and supported by as many advocates as I can find behind the scenes.
Chris Hay
Chris is regularly caught by his wife browsing internet sites at 2.00am in the morning. Sadly he is always looking at .NET sites rather than the haunts frequented by his peers.

Chris has worked on various large projects and is specialised in C#, ASP.NET, AJAX, SQL and various other acronymns. Having always tried to keep at the front of the technology curve, i guess it is time to share that knowledge around a little.

Simple tip, never mention Silverlight infront of him (if you are in a hurry).

You can catch him on his blog
Ian Johnson
I have worked in a number of languages from the virtually unknown Visual Objects through to currently developing in C# with MVC and building RESTful (*cough* not quite) APIs.

Most of the time I have some pet projects, that rarely finish, that allow me to play with new technologies. From a technology standpoint, I am currently interested in developing some mobile applications (especially some cross-platform apps) that are talking back to cloud services.

I spent a lot of time evangelising agile/lean processes and want to get more people at least understanding their processes, identifying the bottlenecks and trying to "inspect and adapt".

John McLoughlin
I work for as a freelance software guy based in Southampton and have been cutting code for over 15 years. I specialise in C# & .NET, and have recently started experimenting with HTML 5. You'll often see me lurking around at various MSDN and Community events.
Events: May 2013
What is DevOps Anyway? May 21
Alex is a speaker and writer who is passionate about looking beyond the code to build great software. In addition to founding Inedo – the makers of BuildMaster, the popular continuous delivery platform – Alex also started The Daily WTF, a fun site dedicated to building software the wrong way.
Events: April 2013
SOA and EDA April 30
Ian Cooper has over 12 years of experience delivering Microsoft platform solutions in government, healthcare, and finance. During that time he has worked for the DTi, Reuters, Sungard and Misys delivering everything from bespoke enterpise solutions to 'shrink-wrapped' products to thousands of customers. Ian is a passionate exponent of the benefits of .NET, C#, and Agile, and founder of the London .NET user group
Events: March 2013
Websites should be Simple.Web March 19
**PLEASE NOTE THE NEW ADDRESS FOR MICROSOFT RESEARCH** 2013 is an exciting year for NxtGenUG Cambridge, we've got some great speakers lined up for you already, and Mark Rendle is just one of them. Join us for an introductory session on Mark's latest simple creation. Simple.Web. Founded on the principle that MVC is a "broken" pattern, Simple.Web applies the SOLID design principles to web application development, and makes building RESTful web sites and services... well, Simple. The tutorial will introduce Simple.Web's new approach to web development, and cover: the principles of REST; working with the Razor view engine; content-type handlers; TDD; and using asynchronous operations to improve scalability. Once again, please note the address for the new Microsoft Research offices - we don't want you to get lost! :)
Events: February 2013
F# Eye for the C# guy February 27
**PLEASE NOTE THE NEW ADDRESS FOR MICROSOFT RESEARCH** **THERE IS LIMITED PARKING TO THE SIDE OF THE BUILDING** This talk is for C# programmers who are curious about F#, a new multi-paradigm programming language in Visual Studio. In: test driven development, classes and functions Out: maths, monads and moth-eaten jumpers Expect plenty of practical examples with live code samples, including inter-op between C# and F#. Phillip Trelford is a developer and architect at Trayport Limited, the leading provider of European energy trading solutions. He is an active member of the software development community, regularly attending and speaking at user groups and conferences, blogging and contributing to open source projects. Phil is a co-organizer of the London F# User Group and a founding member of the F# Foundation.
Events: January 2013
An Evening with Uncle Bob January 22
We're thrilled to be kicking off the New Year with a fabulous speaker - Bob "Uncle Bob" Martin! Uncle Bob is the author of numerous publications focusing on software craftsmanship including The Clean Coder and Clean Code. He's also slated as one of the fathers of the agile movement. We're very lucky to have him agree to come and speak to the group. Find out more about Bob by following him on Twitter ( and by checking out his website: We'll make more specific session details available as we get them, but in the meantime check out this recording of Bob participating in a live .NET Rocks panel session recorded at NDC 2012:
Events: December 2012
An Async Christmas Cracker December 11
It's that time of year again! Liam Westley is donning his Santa hat and coming to town. We also heard that he's bringing us some tasty, homemade treats from his kitchen. Add to that the promise of specially brewed Red Gate beer and our NxtGen Christmas Cracker is in full swing! Our speaker, Liam, is Head Of Engineering at Criteria Labs Ltd where he leads a team of .Net developers in delivering digital media downloads. Previous to Criteria MX, Liam worked as a consultant and still runs his own company Tiger Computer Services Ltd, specialising in software for Broadcast Television. His Niagara SMS moderation system has been used by QVC UK for the last eight years to display SMS messages from viewers, live, on screen. Liam is also responsible for the ticketing system for Hat Trick Productions which provides e-tickets to shows such as Have I Got News For You, Room 101 and The Kumars at No 42B. Liam has worked for chellomedia, GMTV, BSkyB, SmashedAtom and Original Thinking Group. In his time he created the first in house weather system for Sky News using Visual Basic 1.0, acted as architect for two general election systems, project managed the launch of the GMTV web site, was key to delivering the first interactive television chat service in the UK for BSkyB and helped launch the first live shopping channels in the Netherlands. Liam's blog can be found at, or you can follow him on twitter, @westleyl. Thanks to the kind folks at Red Gate Software for putting us up this month *and* for providing us with great food! Please show them you care by tweeting your thanks to @redgate.
Events: November 2012
A Daily WTF Special! November 12
We have an extra special visitor this month visiting us from Ohio U.S.A. Alex Papadimoulis is a managing partner at Inedo, a custom and commercial software development organisation based in Berea Ohio. They are also the puveyors of the developer's guilty pleasure - Daily WTF stickers! Come join us at Red Gate's offices for this extra special meeting and enjoy some swag, some networking and some free food!
Events: October 2012
Get your head in the clouds! October 30
Microsoft Windows Azure MVPs Andy Cross and Richard Conway join us this month as we return to Microsoft Research in Cambridge for a session entitled "Understanding Cloud Services and Websites in Windows Azure". We'll have food and swag so sign up now to join us!
Events: August 2012
IIS 8 - Platform of the Future August 14
Microsoft MVP, Andy Westgarth is back to update us on the latest version of Internet Information Services. This is the third session in a series of Windows 8 related material designed to help you stay ahead of the curve and ready yourselves for the RTM of Windows 8. You can follow Andy via Twitter (!/apwestgarth) and you can find out more about his work and the fabulous event that is DDD North via his blog ( We're back to Microsoft Research for this meeting, so we'll be kicking back with spicy chicken pizzas (if Ian has anything to do with it!) and enjoying Microsoft's new presenting facilities. See you there!
Events: July 2012
Developer’s View of Windows 8 July 31
In our rescheduled session with Robert "Boss" Hogg, we'll be discussing more Windows 8-related news. Robert is co-founder and Managing Director of Black Marble, a software development company specialising in collaboration, ALM and innovative technology solutions. He is a regular on the community circuit, and is in his fifth year as a Microsoft MVP. Currently, he is MVP for Connected Systems, with previous stints for Visual Studio, Architecture and BizTalk. You can follow Robert on his blog ( and on Twitter ( We'll be back to Microsoft Research for this session, so come along and join us for pizza and prizes in the second session of our Windows 8 marathon.
Metro-style Apps for .NET Devs July 05
*NOTE THE VENUE* A change to our scheduled session, but a real last minute treat for us all. Matthew Baxter-Reynolds is an independent software development consultant, speaker, author, and trainer based in the UK. He is an occasional contributor to the Guardian, as well as other tech news sites like ZDNet. He's the UK's answer to Mary-Jo Foley ... but *better* :) You can follow him on Twitter (!/mbrit) and you can also find out more about his work on his blog ( Red Gate Software are putting us up this month, so thanks to them we'll be enjoying some swag and nibbles in the comfort of the Business Park. Bring your Win8 and Metro questions for Matt, and we'll see you there!
Events: May 2012
NodeJS: Darling of the VC May 17
*NOTE THE VENUE* Rough winds may shake the darling buds of May, but this month the darling of the venture capitalists is blowing up a storm. NodeJS has made its way onto the radar through some significant investment from Microsoft big boys like Glenn Block. But is it all it's cracked up to be? Come and join Gary Short, our very own Pa Larkin, for this month's session and find out why NodeJS is the current industry sweetheart. We're grateful to both Gary's employer, Gibraltar Software, and to local company, Red Gate, for supporting us this month, so come and join us for swag, food and great conversations.
Events: March 2012
World Domination: ASP.NET MVC March 06
We are very happy to welcome back to Cambridge the wonderful Guy Smith-Ferrier. Our scholarly friend is bilingual in both Standard Geek and Modern Internationalisation. There aren't many people who can share this subject matter in an informative and interesting way, so we are very lucky to have the best in the business joining us to share his wealth of experience. We've got pizza and swag up the wazoo, so come and eat, drink and be merry at our March meeting!
Events: February 2012
Straighten Spaghetti with C# 5 February 16
We're very excited to have the inimitable Jon Skeet with us for our second session of the year. Jon is bringing us a brain cell-bending session on asynchronicity. Remember folks, although Jon works as a software engineer for Google, he does not speak on their behalf. You may know of his book, C# in Depth, the second edition of which has been likened to "the first edition of C# in Depth, but with more bits" and is widely regarded as "shorter than most other C# books". High praise indeed! We're back to Microsoft Research this month with swag and some tasty pizza. Be sure to register early!
Events: January 2012
This Android’s Life January 17
*NOTE THE LOCATION* Our first speaker of 2012 may be from Cheddar, but this ain’t no cheesy session! Ross Scott is one of the co-ordinators of DDD South West in Bristol. He has almost a decade of experience developing software on the Microsoft stack, but has recently discovered the joys of developing for Android. This is an exciting session to kick off the New Year, and to welcome us into 2012 we’ll be enjoying food courtesy of the folks at Red Gate Software. Join us for swag, prizes and food that isn’t pizza!
Events: November 2011
JetBrains Tour - Cambridge November 15
The JetBrains bus rolls into Cambridge with Hadi Hariri, talking about mouseless driven development - expect, pizza, swag and a good all round evening.
Events: October 2011
Performance: An American Dream October 18
Gibraltar Software founder and all-round good America egg, Kendall Miller, is including Cambridge in his second UK tour! Good news for us as he brings with him a great session on the natural laws of software performance. Kendall is no stranger to the community, being a familiar face at a whole host of US user groups and community events. Kendall will also giving up one of his weekends in the UK to participate in GiveCamp UK. Come and join us at MSR for pizza, swag and prizes, and who knows, maybe a tasty little nugget too.
Events: September 2011
Maximum Velocity September 20
Cambridge NxtGenUG member, Phil Pursglove, is very handy with a sword, being a keen fencer, and he is also no stranger to the East Anglian developer community. In a previous life he was the co-ordinator for VBUG in our area (we’re assured that the disappearance of VBUG from Cambridge has nothing to do with the aforementioned fencing!). He’s been an attendee and supporter of the Cambridge NxtGen group for some time now and we are excited to see Phil reach maximum velocity with this session on Microsoft AppFabric. We’ve got a boat load of swag and give aways and, as always, the pizza will be hot and the drinks will be cold. See you there!
Events: August 2011
Seriously Scalable Websites August 09
NxtGenUG Cambridge co-ordinator, Chris Hay, shows us his mad website skillz. But these ain't just any ol' website skillz. Oh no. Chris will use suitably honed ninja skillz to show you how to build seriously scalable websites with ASP.NET, and both with and *without* Windows! We've got a boatload of swag and some great prizes to give away so join us for pizza and a good time at Microsoft Research. You'd be mad to miss it!
Events: July 2011
The Gill Cleeren NxtGenUG Tour July 07
The Gill Cleeren NxtGenUG tour, sponsored by Telerik, hits stop 4 with a trip to NxtGenuG Cambridge. Gill will be covering the M's and the V's in a session devoted entirely to everything you need to know about MVVM. We'll have a nugget from Ben Hall on his brand new Cambridge-based startup, Meerkatalyst, as well as swag and a boat load of pizza. ..
Telerik have also kindly donated some SWAG specially for the event: a Telerik Ultimate Suite (worth $2000), tshirts and some other swag as well
Events: June 2011
Get down low with SpecFlow June 21
NOTE MEETING ADDRESS. Can you save money and, more importantly, time by using SpecFlow for automated functional testing? Why not come along to see Paul Stack's take on it, and find out for yourself? Paul is a C#/ASP.NET Developer and an advocate of clean, maintainable code. Being absolutely obsessed with Continuous Integration and how it should be used in every day development scenarios means he should be the guy to tell us how we can benefit from SpecFlow. We might have a nugget and we'll definitely have pizza and swag!
Events: May 2011
Mono Ménage à Trois? May 10
As part of his NxtGen Mini Tour, Chris Hardy is here to tell us how Mono really can be sitting in a tree with the iPhone, Android and WP7... Cripes! That's a Ménage à Quatre! Mono, you saucy thing, you. We'll have pizza and we'll have swag. Who knows, maybe we'll even have a nugget! Come and join us!
Events: April 2011
A Quantum Leap ... April 26
Yes, Dave travels across the breadth of the UK to deliver his most esoteric yet fascinating session yet! What is Quantum Computing? Why is anybody bothering with it? What's so different about it? Why should we bother? In this mind-blowing session Dave will attempt to answer all these questions and more. Bring an open-mind and you'll have a ball!
Events: March 2011
The Information Super Highway March 10
Northern charmer, Andy Westgarth heads to Cambridge on his NxtGen Tour to tell us about one of the biggest and best new features of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista - Internet Information Server 7.0. Join us for this souped-up session with pizza, swag and some great giveaways!
Events: February 2011
It's a DRY old Do ... February 22
Mark Rendle visits the flats of Cambridgeshire to help DRY them out ... In his popular session about not repeating yourself, Mark will cover a bunch of hot topics in C#4.0 including a few functional bits ... Pizza, Swag (we hope) and a member nugget perhaps and the normal great crowd!
Events: January 2011
RavenDB gives RDBMS the bird January 25
OK, so maybe we're not quite giving relational databases the ol' heave ho in favour of NoSQL, but what can NoSQL actually do that traditional RDBMS can't? We're all pretty clued up on the idea, but how many of us have spent some hands-on time with NoSQL databases? Rob Ashton is overworked technical lead hailing from "The Other Place" with the famous university library. He's passionate about the open source community and the projects that they create. Heaven only knows what a mix like this will bring to Cambridge! Sign up for swag, pizza and good times ... and who knows, we may even have a few prizes to give away.
Events: December 2010
Virtual Christmas Wishes December 14
"Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tingling too. Come on it's lovely weather for a virtual ride together with ..." Liam. Come and join us for some festive fun, seasonal treats and Christmas cheer. And for all those "bah humbug" sorts among us, we'll have a special delivery of coal ;-) We might be lucky enough to catch Liam Westley in a Santa hat as he answers a few questions for us: What is virtualization, what tools are available, where should we use it and why? We'll find out about all the time-saving technologies we can obtain as developers through virtualization tech.
Events: November 2010
What's next in CSharp and VB? November 03
Hot on the heels of the official public announcement at PDC in Seattle, Mads and Lucian will travel to Cambridge under cover of darkness to unveil the new features of C# and VB. Be the first to see this presentation on the next big focus for C# and VB. If you ever find yourself having to trade off the quality of your code with the quality of your users’ experience, chances are this talk is for you! Pizza, swag and blisteringly new info ... are we good to you or what?
Events: October 2010
Guerilla Warfare? October 26
Peter Marriott, who doesn't own any hotels, travels to Cambridge under cover to deliver his Guerilla Tactics session. You won't see Rachel in a Balaclava, though we can't say the same for Allister. Pizza, and possibly a member nugget, the usual great crew, don't miss this one!
Events: September 2010
Windows 7 WPF MultiTouch Story September 21
Guy Smith-Ferrier is jetting over for one night only to talk to us about WPF Multi-Touch. No internationalisation in sight, nor Unicode, probably not even a resource file, so don't be scared ... you know you love the pizza, swag and chat, so get yourselves down here, to hear from one of the top UK Speakers!
Events: August 2010
ASP.NET Clean up! August 24
Dave Sussman makes the trip to Microsoft Research in Cambridge to talk about cleaning up your ASP.NET Code. We'll be having some, pizza, and possibly a nugget too..
Events: July 2010
Glenn Block on MEF July 14
On his way to Fest10, Microsoft's Glenn Block stops off at NxtGenUG Cambridge to talk about MEF, We'll also be having some pizza, possibly a nugget, and giving away some swag
Events: June 2010
Object-ion M'lord June 29
Community guy, Gary short visits Cambridge to tell us why not everything is an object, we'll also be having a nugget, giving away some swag and eating pizza NOTE - CHANGE OF VENUE FOR THIS MEETING!
Events: May 2010
Real World MVC Architectures May 25
Ian Cooper, travels up from London to tell us about Real World MVC architectures, we'll also be having some pizza, a nugget and giving out some swag.
Events: April 2010
The Statue of Liberty April 14
Microsoft's Jesse Liberty, makes a trip over from the States to talk about Silverlight 4, MVVM and other stuff, in what's destined to be a great evening. We'll also be having a nugget, some swag and eating pizza - gonna be a fantastic night!!!

See the rest of Jesse's Tour Dates on his
Events: March 2010
DB or Not DB, That is the ques March 23
Neil Robbins, Southampton NxtGen-er travels up to Cambridge to talk about non-RDBMS systems called Document Databases. Sounds new, sounds exciting, sounds futuristic, sounds just what the doctor ordered. Pizza, swag and member nugget accompanies as ever. See you there!
Events: February 2010
Sync-opate with JP February 23
John Price travels to Cambridge to Sync-up with the group and with Pizza and with Swag ... He's talking about the ADO.NET Sync Framework and not having to always be connected to your data source... sounds good, don't miss it!
Events: January 2010
Drawing with SharePoint January 26
Back from Vegas, Dave McMahon NxtgenUG Co-Founder visits Cambridge to talk about SharePoint 2010 Visio Services a brand new capability to deploy with no code/little code Data Bound Vector Driven Diagrams written in Visio via Silverlight! Cool or what. Give your SharePoint Applications a makeover with Visio Services. Dave will also open the discussion up to a one about SharePoint 2010 in general. Pizza of course and swag of course ...!
Events: December 2009
It's a Testing Time ... December 08
Heard of Test Driven Development? Wonder what the fuss is about? Want to check it out? This is the session for you then, as Oxford Co-ordinator Richard Hopton hops into the car and comes to Cambridge to unwrap TDD for you for Christmas, member nugget, Christmas Swag, Christmas Pizza
Events: November 2009
Liam's Virtually (NOT) There . November 26
Open Mike night at the Tram Depot - NOTE the change of venue
Events: October 2009
Credit Crunch Code October 20
'Time to Pay Back the Technical Debt' Technical debt is the cost of putting off good development practices. This debt, must be paid back to avoid the “interest payments” becoming crippling. This presentation will focus on a number of common developer (and project) anti-patterns that can lead to the build up of technical debt in a project and, having identified these behaviours, we’ll look at techniques to firstly quantify and then to mitigate against them. Bio: Gary Short works for Developer Express as the Technical Evangelist on the frameworks team. He has a deep interest in technical architecture, especially in the areas of technical debt and refactoring. Gary is a C# MVP and gives presentations at user groups and conferences throughout the UK. As well as C#, Gary also has an interest in dynamic languages such as Smalltalk, Ruby and Python.
Events: September 2009
Take No Prism'ers' September 29
Southampton Coordinator John McLoughlin comes back to Camrbridge, and this time he's talking about PRISM - They'll also be a nugget, some pizza and maybe even the Swagometer's author will crank he up again and share some SWAG. NOTE : Date Change for this event - now on the 29th September!
Events: August 2009
Silverlight 3 August 18
Microsoft's latest version of it's RIA cross browser/cross platform technology, Silverlight 3, has just been launched, and Richard Costall is here to talk about it, along with a couple of nuggets for a special guest. They'll also be a nugget and some SWAG and Pizza!
Events: July 2009
The MVC Framework July 14
Gavin Osborn visits Cambridge to talk about the alternative to WebForms; Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC framework, plus they'll be a nugget, SWAG and some food.
Events: June 2009
Generics with Kathleen Dollard June 18
Kathleen Dollard is over from the States and passes by to talk to us about generics and refectoring. We'll also be having Pizza, a nugget and some good old Swaggin' - Not to be Missed!
Events: May 2009
Extendable MEF Apps May 19
NxtGenUG Member Ben Hall takes the short journey from RedGate to Microsoft Research to talk about MEF. We'll be Nuggetting, Pizzaing, and Swagging too..
Events: April 2009
Design - A Tricky Business April 21
Richard Bassett from Tricky Business comes to Cambridge - Rich internet applications have changed the way that super-brands connect with their customers. If you want to compete in this cluttered marketplace it's essential that you evolve your product or service into a unique brand, creating a circle that people want to join. We also be having a nugget and giving out some SWAG and Pizza.
Events: March 2009
Doing Software Large ... March 17
Join Alisson Sol from Microsoft Research to take a look at developing software in large organisations ... ** NOTE THIS EVENT IS NOW ON THE 17TH MARCH AND NOT THE 24TH AS ORIGINALLY ADVERTISED **
Events: February 2009
A Change is a good as a REST! February 17
Alan Dean comes to Cambridge for a REST (based session) Separating REST Facts from Fallacies. He'll let us know what it is and why we should care. Come along the REST will do you good. Plus we'll be having a Nugget and the REST of the time will be spent easting pizza or giving out SWAG! - Make sure you attend. It will be of great InteREST!
Patterns, Patterns, Patterns.. February 03
WOW! - Not one, but two meetings in a month for Cambridge - Gary Short drops in on the Cambridge Region to talk about Design Patterns, plus we'll be giving away some SWAG and a second helping of Pizza!
Events: January 2009
What's new in C# 4.0 January 20
The 'unofficial' Anders Hejlsberg stunt double, and Internationalization speaker, Guy Smith Ferrier comes to Cambridge to enlighten us on the innovations around C# - in it's next version: 4.0. We'll also be having a nugget, plus some pizza and SWAG giveaway.
Events: December 2008
A Cloudy Event December 09
Chris Hay gives us the lowlown on the Microsoft Cloud Platform offering announced at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) - Windows Azure - plus they'll be Christmas pizza and swag!
Events: November 2008
Make Patterns With Patterns November 18
You can draw nice patterns and stuff with WPF, but unless you get organised, your WPF application can soon deteriorate. "Vista Squad" founder Ray Booson and top UK Community man visits Cambridge and looks at creating simple data bound applications moving towards a practical framework for WPF projects.
Events: October 2008
Not WifeSwap, Coordinator Swap October 07
What's going on here. Is this Southampton? No, but the Southampton coordinators John McLoughlin and Richie Allen, make the journey up from Southampton to talk about Workflow and provide a nugget as well. Perhaps I can get John Price to go to Nepal? (yep:jp) Plus we'll be having some Pizza
Events: September 2008
SQL Server and the Sequel September 02
Andras Belokosztolszki of Red Gate tells us about Advanced TSQL commands in both SQL2005 and SQL 2005. We'll also be having a nugget and, goes without saying really, some pizza.
Events: August 2008
The Entity Framework... August 12
Microsoft's Mike Taulty, bring his Famous Entity Framework session to Cambridge, and give us the low down on The Entity Framework and ADO.NET Data Services. We'll be showing a nugget and serving up the pizza!
Events: July 2008
The Missing LINQ July 22
Ian Cooper, from the London .NET user group travels up to Cambridge to present his sessio on LINQ and Enterprise Applications. We'll also be having a nugget and some pizza too..
Events: June 2008
Object Thinking? June 24
Alan Dean Completes his tour of NxtGenUG regions, with a trip to Cambridge to present his popular Object Thinking session, plus they'll be a nugget and a slide of the old, you know what!
Events: May 2008
AtMOSSpheric Night May 27
As put so well by Russ Abbott - "I love a meeting with a happy AtMOSSPHERE". International Speaker, and NxtGenUG Co-Founder brings his "tales from the front" Highly Rated MOSS (Sharepoint) Session. Missing it will be a 'MOSStake', plus we'll have an IE8 nugget from Chris Hay and some Pizza too... No more cheap MOSS gags - we proMOSS!
Events: April 2008
Astoriaroids April 29
It's actually called ADO.NET Data Services, but you try making a joke out of that. Formerly Astoria, but now ADO.NET data services, Guy Smith Ferrier, International Speaker, Author and Community Guy hops over to Cambridge to talk about this technology and how it will save developers 1,000's of lines of code and bring the big stick of power to Ajax and Silverlight Applications. Plus we'll be taking a new devliery of pizza and hopefully they'll be a nugget!
Events: March 2008
In the Media Centre Spotlight March 25
John Price visits Cambridge, he don't pray to the demo gods - he taunts them. John will talk about media centre, XBOX 360, the 10 foot experience and the most important acronym of the night, the WAF. Whats' best served with this, not a TV dinner, but pizza and maybe a nugget. You might even get to drive the NxtGen Car! Anyone fancy challenging Rich Costall's son to halo 3?
Events: February 2008
SQL Server 2008 February 26
The launch of SQL Server 2008 is just around the corner, so we decided to give the NxtGenUG members a head start by inviting Red-Gate's Architect Andras Belokosztolszki over to talk about what's coming in the next release. There's also bound to be a nugget and, of course, pizza!
Events: January 2008
Testing, Testing, Testing.... January 15
Is this thing on? NxtGenUG Member Ben Hall shows us what Testing is all about with a demonstration of MBUnit and how we should factor testing in when designing and developing applications. Plus we'll have a nugget and of course Pizza and SWAG.
Events: December 2007
I'm dreaming of a... December 11
I'm dreaming of a Silverlight Christmas. Just like the ones I used to know. Where the buttons glisten and attendees listen to hear, great demos in the show.I'm dreaming of a Silveright Christmas With every web Page I write. May your devs be merry and bright And may all your pages not be white. I'm dreaming of a Silverlight Demo With Chris and Rich on Stage. May your SWAG be expensive and bright And may all your Pizza be large. Chris Hay and Richard Costall will present a variety of Silverlight nuggets, aimed at highlighting the features and pitfalls with Silverlight 1.1. This will be a demo heavy session, so fasten your seatbelts.
Events: November 2007
An Evening With The Greek One November 20
Is he the 'Special One'? Maybe, maybe not, but he is the self-styled 'Greek One'. Yes, Daniel Moth is on the road to Cambridge and he's bringing with him a barrel load of demos of the new Visual Studio 2008. We'll have a Nugget, Pizza of course and no doubt a bit of swag will be banded around, get yourself here, you won't regret it!
Events: October 2007
XSLT - Why, How and When ... October 23
Watch out, Dave and Rich are in town, and Dave's got his XSLT hat on again, this time with knobs on! Yes its an evening with the NxtGenUG co-founders as Rich talks to his Vista in his award winning Nugget. Dave will be running through his XSLT 'Extreme' session which he will be giving at TechEd in November. Pizza and swag will abound as ever, don't miss it!
Events: September 2007
Cambridge Launch Extravaganza! September 18
Come and join NxtGenUG for an unforgettable "Launch" meeting in Cambridge at Microsoft Research, we'll be having nuggets, presentations on Silverlight and F#, plus there'll be SWAG and pizza.
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