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Where you can find us Where you can find us
Formed in April 2006. Birmingham Science Park Aston near the city centre hosts NxtGenUG Birmingham. A great meeting place to discuss technology and eat Pizza!
Having opened in September 2007, Cambridge will offer a unique insight into Microsoft Research.
Coventry venue has a bar and comfy chairs. With great meetings every month, what more could you ask for? Serving the Coventry community since April 2006.
Deepest Essex is the scene of the eighth NxtGenUG Region, poised just outside the M25, it's run by Rob Silver and Anis Batliwala local lads with a passion for technology
NxtGenUG Hereford - Then there were six. Formed in February 2009 Hereford is the newest NxtGenUG Region. Run by local guys Ryan O'Neill and Richard Wilde.
"It's a sunny paradise!" does not describe soggy Manchester; at least it has its own NxtGenUG region! Run by Steven Robbins and Andy Wilkinson, two northern guys with a passion for pizza/technology!
Holding it's first meeting in November 2006, Oxford is headed up by the prfessional and enthusiastic Richie Hopton and BI Consultant Robert Minchin
By the seaside, in the warmth of the South, NxtGenUG Southampton is run by John McLoughlin and Richie Allen, local guys with a passion for technology! Southampton started in October 2007.
Conferences Conferences
Partner Showcase Partner Showcase
Telerik's mission is to make software development easier and more enjoyable. Our tools for agile project management, collaboration, development and testing allow companies of all sizes to create richer, more stable and aesthetic software faster than ever before. Trusted by over 100,000 customers worldwide for our devotion to quality and customer care, Telerik helps technical and business professionals maximize their productivity and "deliver more than expected” every day
Telerik's mission is to make software development easier and more enjoyable. Our tools for agile project management, collaboration, development and testing allow companies of all sizes to create richer, more stable and aesthetic software faster than ever before. Trusted by over 100,000 customers worldwide for our devotion to quality and customer care, Telerik helps technical and business professionals maximize their productivity and "deliver more than expected” every day
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NxtGenUG Region 
By the seaside, in the warmth of the South, NxtGenUG Southampton is run by John McLoughlin and Richie Allen, local guys with a passion for technology! Southampton started in October 2007.
Meet the Coordinators
Richard Allen
I have been developing software since 1996 starting with some good old MS Access database work using VBA. I soon moved onto using Borland C++ builder and Delphi until eventually settling on using .NET and C# in 2003 and still loving it.

I run a software development company, Conjurer Solutions Ltd based in Bournemouth specialising in the delivery of hosted content management systems, enterprise level software development consultancy and Agile coaching. I enjoy all aspects of software development and I believe that good communication is the key to the successful delivery of projects.

Outside of software development I have a keen interest in sleight of hand magic, hence the name of the company :-). You can check out my blog at

John McLoughlin
I work for as a freelance software guy based in Southampton and have been cutting code for over 15 years. I specialise in C# & .NET, and have recently started experimenting with HTML 5. You'll often see me lurking around at various MSDN and Community events.
Events: March 2013
IIS8 and Beyond! March 21
Ex-VBUG President, Founder of NEBytes and all round good guy Andrew Westgarth heads down from the gloomy north to dispense joy and knowledge on IIS 8and Windows 8. There'll be Pizza, Swag and hopefully a nugget! We're trying out a new site, please register here!
Events: February 2013
Delving into Windows Phone 8 February 21
Windows Phone guru and all round nice guy Matt Lacey heads down south to take us brought Microsofts latest iteration of their excellent mobile platform. There be pizza, swag and maybe a nugget! (Session details to follow) We're trying out a new site, please register here!
Events: January 2013
Chinese New Year! January 24
The slightly early Chinese new Year Geek dinner! Huzzah! Please register on our Meetup site
TypeScript: The Good Parts January 17
It's a New Year, so let's start with a new language! Mark Rendle heads down south once again, this time to share with us the joys of Microsoft new TypeScript language. There'll be pizza, swag and hopefully a nugget! Come join us!
Events: December 2012
The return of the Gadgeteer December 13
Local lad Steven Johnston arrives with a HUGE bag of Gadgeteer bits and bobs to wow us with hardware development for Software guys! :) This is the much requested encore to his original .NET Gadgeteer nugget! There'll be Pizza, Mince Pies, Swag and hopefully a nugget :)
Events: November 2012
MOAR Mozilla! November 22
Top Mozilla chap Dave Burns swings by Southampton to take us throw a spin on the new Mozilla Mobile OS. There'll be pizza, swag and hopefully a nugget :) More details to follow.
NuGet for the Enterprise November 15
Alex Papadimoulis heads across the pond to Southampton to talk us through NuGet and the Enterprise. There'll be pizza, swag and hopefully a nuget :) Session: NuGet for the Enterprise NuGet -- the open-source library package manager for .NET -- has exploded in popularity over the past two years with well over 5,000 available packages and support from major contributors such as Microsoft, NUnit, Castle, and JQuery. It’s an incredibly easy-to-use and very powerful tool that helps developers escape "dependency hell" while discovering new third-party libraries. But with great power comes great responsibility, and what works in the open source-world doesn't always translate to enterprise development. There are a whole lot of things to consider with NuGet in the enterprise, from quality assurance to open-source license compliance, and we'll cover most of these in this talk. We'll also do some hands-on with NuGet to get a feel for both creating and consuming library packages.
Events: October 2012
We're 5! October 25
It's our fifth birthday, and what better way to celebrate than with a geek dinner!
Jesse Liberty is coming! :) October 02
Jessie Liberty hops across the pond and join us in Southampton to talk Windows 8 and XAML development. Further details to follow :) But there will be Pizza, Swag and possibly a nugget!
Events: September 2012
A SOLID Development September 20
Nathan Gloyn heads down South to show us how to become SOLID Developers. Session details to follow.
Events: August 2012
HTML 5 for .Net Devs August 16
Peter Shaw heads out of the enchanted land of LinkedIn and head to Southampton to give us the low down of HTML 5 from a .NET devs perspective. There'll be pizza, swag and a Nugget!
Events: July 2012
Windows 8 FTW! July 05
Top Regional Director, MVP and Speaker Gill Cleeren heads over from Belgium to enlighten us on Windows 8 and XAML! :) Please note this will be a 2 hour session, as opposed to our normal 1.5 hour sessions :)
Events: June 2012
Real world ASP.NET MVC 4 June 21
Local all round good Guy Harvey Kandola drops by the user group to share his experiences and secrets of running a successful start up with a first rate product. They'll be Pizza, Swag and a nugget, come join us!
Events: May 2012
Poking around EF5 May 24
Geoff Lombardi head down South away from the rain and gloom on Birmingham to bask in the sunshine on the South Coast. Geoff will be taking us through the new features of the Entity Framework, and showing us what's what. There'll be Pizza, Swag, and hopefully a nugget!
Events: April 2012
Distributed Version Control - April 19
Distributed version control systems have seen a great rise in popularity in recent years, but not all developers have had a chance to try them out. Maybe you're wondering what all the fuss is about, or have given it a go and found it too confusing. In this session I'll explain in simple terms what a DVCS is and why you want to use one. Whether you are a lone developer, an open source contributor, or working in a large team on a commercial product, I'll show the benefits DVCS can bring to your workflow. I will demonstrate the use of Mercurial, and maybe git as well if we have time.
Events: March 2012
The many tongues of MVC March 15
Top chap, and all round ice guy Guy Smith-Ferrier heads down to sunny Southampton to talk about his one true passion, Origami. No, not really, it is in fact Internationalisation! Guy will show us how to internalise an MVC application. There'll might be a nugget, but there'll definitely be Pizza and Swag!
Events: February 2012
Being a Simple Nancy in WebDev February 23
Mark Rendle heads down South once again, this time leaving his magicians hat behind, and bring down his killer web dev skills. He'll take us through development using Simple.Data and Nancy. Hopefully there'll be a nugget, definitely pizza and SWAG!
Events: January 2012
The slightly late Chinese New January 26
It's the Chinese New Year, so lets have some geek dinner!
An Introduction to CQRS January 19
CQRS and Event Sourcing are two patterns that can help simplify complicated applications. If you find your nHibernate mappings getting complicated and your applications obscured by layers upon layers of abstraction, if you're scared of making changes in case lots of things break in lots of places, if you need to change lots of tests whenever you change code or if you're just interested in what these latest buzzwords are, then come along.
Events: December 2011
Jon Skeets' brain dump December 15
.NET guru and all round nice guy Jon Skeet heads down our way to enlighten us in the ways of .NET and C#. Actual session details to follow.
Chrimbo Dinner :D December 08
It's that time of year again when we celebrate being Geeks with a very slight Christmas theme! They'll be tasty food, beer and chat related to all things Geek! :D
Events: November 2011
Aspected Orientated Programmin November 17
London Speaker Yan Cui heads down South to fill out heads with Aspect Orientated Programming Joy! Details to follow :)
Events: October 2011
So you want to be the boss? October 19
Kendall Miller heads down south in his NxtGenUG tour to gives us the low down and creating your own software company! Kendall is a cracking speaker, and this promises to be an excellent session! We're have Pizza, hopefully a nugget and SWAG too!
Events: September 2011
Paul's slight of hand September 15
So Paul Stack will be presenting, he won by fair and square bribing of all the NxtGenUG officials! Paul will be heading south once again, to show more amazing CI feats! This time Feature Switching. Is it good? Is it Evil? Paul will lead the way! There'll be Pizza, maybe a nugget and of course, SWAG!
Events: August 2011
The one with the Chinese August 25
It's that time again to partake in some tasty Chinese and a little Beer whilst discussing anything and everything techy :)
NHibernate from the trenches August 18
Fellow NxtGenUG co-ordinator Richard Wilde heads down to the sunny south coast to top up his tan and deliver us a "seen it, done it" overview of using NHibernate in a real world application.
Events: July 2011
TDD & Mocking, a love affair July 21
All round guru Richard Fennell travels down to the deepest, sunniest South Coast to talk about Mocking, TDD and why they're made for each other. They'll be Pizza, probably a nugget and a bit of swag :)
Events: June 2011
Being Magically Dynamic June 16
Mark Rendle travel down to the SOuth Coast for the first time to show us his amazing slight of hand using the new dynamic key word in C#. There'll be Pizza, probably a nugget and a bit of swag :)
Events: May 2011
Objecting to C and using C# in May 12
Chris Hardy visits us as apart of his NxtGenUG mini tour to fill out heads with Mono goodness :) There'll be pizza, swag and hopefully a nugget!
NxtGenUG Geek Dinner May 05
It's time for another social meet up with your fellow Southampton members and Coordinators to talk geek, eat Chinese and drink beer :)
Events: April 2011
Continuously stacking the odds April 21
Paul Stack joins us in Southampton to takes us through Continous Integration and why it'll help us produce better software! They'll be Pizza, Swag and probably a nugget!
Events: March 2011
Querying the alphabet March 17
George Adamson travels down South for his debut explaining why Js need querying. There'll be Pizza, Swag and probably a Nugget!
Events: February 2011
Packaging up Seb February 17
"Package up Seb?!" I hear you cry, surely there's no way to contain this man! And You'd be absolutley right! Seb Lambla heads down south once again but not to talk about web standard this time, instead he'll be showing off OpenWrap his packaging framework. There'll be a nugget, Pizza and we're even try digging out some Swag!
Events: January 2011
Revenge of the Document DB! January 20
Rob Ashton heads on down from the bright lights of Reading to show us RavenDB! Continuing on from Neil Robbins introduction to Document Databases with CouchDB, Rob delves into the misty depths of RavenDB to continue our journey of discovery. There'll be Pizza, Swag and quite probably a nugget!
Events: December 2010
Crimbo Dinner December 16
It's Christmas so it's only right with have a Christmas meal at a very traditional Chinese :). We're be heading to the Pearl Harbour in Southampton, the venue address will be updated shortly. On the night we're make the call between set menu and individual orders :) Come join us for a tasty celebration of being a geek at Christmas.
WP7 is coming to town! December 09
Tricky Basset and Mike Ormond travel to the South Coast of following the bright light that is WP7, and offer us some Christmas Joy as they cover designing and developing for the sexy new mobile OS. There'll be some festive pizza, swag and probably a nugget!
Events: November 2010
Touch Me, Stretch Me, Squeeze November 18
The ever popular Guy Smith-Ferrier joins us down south for his third session in as many years, this time he focuses on the multi-touch capabilities of Windows 7, there'll also be plenty of pizza to get your multiple hands on.
Events: October 2010
Getting Good at Parallel October 28
Josh Twist returns to the sunny south coast to deliver another cracking session this time on how to get good at parallel tasks, with nuggets and pizza all at the same time!
Events: September 2010
Grand Designs! September 16
Gary Short journeys down to our sunny south coast from the dark dark north to explain his Grand plan of Design Patterns. There'll be a nugget, pizza and knowledge!
Events: August 2010
F# all the way August 19
Phil Trelford visits us in Southampton to give us an introduction to F#, and put it through its paces. There'll be a nugget and pizza to boot!
Events: July 2010
How to become a Web slinger! N July 22
Web framework Guru and all round nice chap Seb Lambla won't be joinging us tonight, as he's stuck in Barcelona (lucky so and so). Instead Southampton Co-Ordinator Rich Allen will be hosting an Open Space session where everyone who turns up is the right person, and what ever we talk about will be the right subject. So come along and join us! There'll be swag, pizza and a nugget to boot!
Events: June 2010
Terminal Velocity! June 24
Phil Pursglove heads down South to join us in Southampton to talk about Microsofts new distributed caching technology called Velocity that is apart of AppFabric. There'll be a nugget and pizza to boot too!
Events: May 2010
Behaving during Development May 27
Liz Keogh heads down to the South Coast to enlighten us on BDD and give us some pointers on applying it to code we can bring along! There will be pizza and probably a nugget to boot to, what more coud we want?!
Events: April 2010
VS2010 Launch & Silverlight 4 April 15
Visual Studio 2010 is being launched! To celebrate the launch we have 2 excellent speakers lined up. To open with have top chap Jason Zander over from Microsoft Corp. He'll be taking us through the exciting new features of Visual Studio 2010. Then Head NxtGenUG chap and Silverlight MVP Richard Costall joins us for the first time to talk about the exciting new features in Silverlight 4. There'll also be pizza and beer! :D
Events: March 2010
The end of DBs as we know it?! March 18
Neil Robbins ventures back to the origins of his .NET Community involvement on the South Coast to talk to us about Document Databases. There'll be the normal pizza, swag and quite probably a nugget to boot!
Events: February 2010
How to Sync by the seaside February 18
Creative genius of all the NxtGenUG game shows, John Price, travels down to the South Coast to give us a spin around the ADO.NET Sync Services. There be pizza and hopefully a nugget to!
Events: January 2010
It came from Hyper-V! January 14
Liam Westley makes his first trip down South to show off Hyper-V and why Developers should be using it. Plus they'll be the usual Pizza, Swag and maybe even a nugget.
Events: December 2009
Return of the McMahon ... December 17
Yet again ... "The Dorrans" is unable to make it the paltry distance from Oxford to Southampton, whereas poor old Dave Mc has to come all the way from Birmingham ... Yes, NxtGenUG Co-Founder Dave McMahon steps in to deliver a brand new session on the yet to be released Visio Services which are brand new in SharePoint 2010. Want to see a great combination of Silverlight, AJAX, Web and Office all working together to form an engaging, informative and exciting visual experience? This session is for you then. Get a sneak preview of a very exciting new concept in visualiing Data!
Events: November 2009
SOA, WCF, SOAP, Oh my! NOT! November 19
NxtGen's own Richie Allen runs a slightly different session due to Barry not being able to make it at short notice. It'sll be fun and there'll be swag and Pizza as usual. The show must go on!!!
Events: October 2009
To MVC or not MVC... October 22
Sebastien Lambla head down to the South Coast with a head full of ASP.NET MVC knowledge to share with our members. We'll be having some Pizza, a nugget and dishing out some SWAG.
Events: September 2009
Securing the web September 17
Yossi Dahan swings by Southampton to talk about Microsoft new web security offering, the Windows Identitity Framework. We'll also be having a nugget, giving away some SWAG and consuming pizza.
Events: August 2009
Testing the Web... August 20
well, not all of it, just your application. Seasoned NxtGenUG speaker Ben Hall visits Southampton to talk about Testing ASP.NET applications. We'll be having some Pizza, a nugget and dishing out some SWAG
Events: July 2009
Web 4.0 - 2.0 is History July 16
Microsoft's Mike Ormond pops in to Southampton to enlighten and entertain the attendees on the latest iteration of Microsofts Web Platform ASP.NET 4.0 - We'll also be having a nugget, giving away some SWAG and consuming pizza.
Events: June 2009
Guy on Silverlight June 18
Can it be true - Guy Smith-Ferrier presenting on Silverlight. You have to come along to hear this one. Guy visits the Southampton crew to talk about Internationalizing Silverlight Applications. They'll also be some Nuggetterring and some of the old Pizza and even older SWAG!
Events: May 2009
Composition and Consumption .. May 14
Local Co-ordinator John McLoughlin takes the stage to talk about PRISM, the latest incarnation of the Composite Application Guidance from the MS Patterns and Practices team. Naturally a member nugget will take place as well as the customary consumption of Pizza and distribution of Swag ... Nice ...
Events: April 2009
Mike's Parallel Universe April 16
Microsoft DPE and top Spaghetti Monster believer visits Southampton to talk about Parallel Extensions. We'll also have a Pizza Sampling evening and some more SWAG will be distributed via the infamous SWAG-O-Meter.
Events: March 2009
Time to nHibernate March 19
Seasoned community speaker and Community guru Ian Cooper visits Southampton to talk about nHibernate, they'll be Pizza a'plenty and SWAG too
Events: February 2009
By The Azure Sea ... February 19
Chris Hay (new MVP) gets another chance to walk the catwalk on the coast, parading his T-Shirts and telling us all about Windows Azure. Don't miss it! Swag, Pizza, Nuggets the usual great stuff!
Events: January 2009
Grand Designs - Double Header! January 15
Tricky Business's Tricky Bassett Travels to Southampton to enlighten us about design practices and his experiences designing experiences for companies such as Alton Towers. He's also bringing along a friend - None other than the Dr himself - Dr Neil Roodyn - Microsoft Regional Director, MVP and International Speaker! We'll also be having some SWAG and eating Pizza!

Events: December 2008
Let's Twist Again ... December 11
Like we did last June 12th ... when Josh Twist a relatively unknown speaker from Microsoft knocked us all out with his gauges! Yes, the developer who can also do design returns to NxtGenUG for a rerun (plus a bit extra) of his top rated WPF Databinding session. Don't miss this one, it's a cracker!
Events: November 2008
From Nelson's Column ... November 27
Ther's been a change of plan, unfortunately due to speaker booking issues, we've had to change in mid stream, and its now not a SQL exclusive session ... BUT as good , if not better, we've got the latest member of the UK Microsoft DPE Eric Nelson visiting to speak on .. well Microsoft stuff I guess. Eric's had a wide and varied background and he'll be speaking on some of the latest technologies coming out of Microsoft, might even mention Windows 7 or Windows Azure ...
Events: October 2008
'Agile' Birthday To Us ... October 16
It's been a year since Southampton NxtGenUG came on the scene, so you're invited to our Birthday party, Plamen and Rich will be giving you that Agile feeling and talking about how to get Scrum and other Agile techniques working in your business. Pizza of course, Swag naturally!
Events: September 2008
CLSA or Less Pub Time? September 11
Southampton NxtGenUG invite Andrew Hallmark to tell them how to get to the pub quicker by making use of the CLSA application framework made popular by Rocky Lhotka. Member nugget no doubt, Pizza, Swag and the usual antics from John and Rich will ensue ...
Events: August 2008
It's Alive-Workflow Foundation August 21
Southamptons very own John McLoughlin steps into the limelight with a practical guide to Workflow Foundation, and like Dr Frankenstien the session will end with a living creation of workflow - minus the bolts. We'll also have a nugget and some Pizza too, for a change
Events: July 2008
Silverlight Assault Course July 26
Silverlight 2.0 looks set to revolutionise web Development when it ships later this year. The NxtGenUG Southampton boys are proud to present in association with Developer Express (who have kindly provided the USB 2.0 Hard Drives), a one day workshop 'Silverlight Assault course' to be held on the 26th July 2008 in Poole, Dorset. We'll be having presentations from Richard Costall and Chris Hay, plus Hands-on-labs for you to get your hands dirty with experts on hand to answer your questions on the day. Register on the site in order to register for this event and we'll get in touch with a simple paypal link or invoice details. All payments must be made in full prior to the course date. This course is ideal for people who want to understand Silverlight 2.0. No existing knowledge of Silverlight is required. The day will comprise of many short presentations, and Hands-on-labs. Don't forget to check out the new FREE Silverlight Grid control from DevExpress from here Book Early as places are limited.
It Moss be time for Sharepoint July 17
NxtGenUG Co-Founder travels down to Southampton to tell the attendees about his collection of MOSS Experiences including ways to automate deployment and to extend Out of The Box functonality using stsadm, Features and Solutions, and other tales from frontline action in the MOSS trenches. We'll also be sampling pizza and partaking in a nugget too..
Click here
here to download Dave's Slides and some of the demo code.
Events: June 2008
Objections To Objects? June 19
Don't miss this one!! One of the best rated sessions of recent months is coming to Southampton. Alan Dean has gotten rave reviews about this session where he airs different views on teh world of Object Orientation. Member Nugget, Swag and Pizza also , I mean what else is there?
Events: May 2008
Doing The BizTalk May 15
Yossi Dahan explains what BizTalk is, does and how it works, plus a member nugget, Pizza, Swag you know how it goes ...
Events: April 2008
That's Entity-tainment! April 17
Mike Taulty, stalwart of the UK Microsoft Developer Platform Evangelist (DPE) Group, has decided he needs a bit of sea air, and so is heading for the South Coast to mix it up with those enthusiastic chaps of NxtGenUG Southampton. It looks like Mike and Daniel Moth are trying to collect the full set of NxtGenUG regions! Mike tonight talks about the new Microsoft Entity Framework and NxtGenUG member and Ready Steady Speak! 'Hero' Neil Robbins delivers his second nugget this time on IIS 7.0. Rockin'!
Events: March 2008
Launch/InstallFest March 13
Before they were "Guitar" heroes - 2008 Launch Event and Install Fest Join the southampton crew for a night packed full of 2008 launch action. Our very own co-ordinators Rich and John will be joined by fellow community member Neil Robbins in a heroic triad of presentations covering the top 5 things you need to know about VS2008, SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008. But wait it doesn't end there though, this night will be starting a little earlier and finishing a little later to fit in our very own fun packed "Install Fest". What's an install fest I hear you say, well with the usual pizza and ti-swag-tanic amount of VS2008 products to give away we invite you to bring your laptops or desktops along with you and we'll have a mass install of the product. Whilst everyone is watching that little progress bar go up and up there will be various games including a special "XBox 360 - Guitar Hero 3" competition in which more prizes can be won. If you can only make one launch event this Easter, make it the Southampton launch event and join us for what will be the most exciting 2008 pre-launch event that the south coast will see this year!
Events: February 2008
On the .Net ship Enterprise February 21
MVP, Author, Speaker and 'Software Legend' Alex Homer makes his debut in Southampton to talk about Enterprise Library in ASP .NET. We'll also be beaming up some pizza, and Richie Allen with be giving a reading from the Captain's log of 'Code Standard' Nugget - In Space nobody hears you code!
Events: January 2008
I've seen the Silverlight... January 17
Man of loud Shirts, and Cambridge Coordinator, Chris Hay shows us the brightest thing, not his shirt, but Silverlight 1.1 - a revolution in web development! Plus we'll have equally loud pizza and a nugget - please bring your sun-glasses.
Events: December 2007
We wish you a mobile Christmas December 13
We Wish you a Mobile Christmas, We wish you a Mobile Christmas and a CodeSmith Nugget. Microsoft's Mobile Legend Marcus Perryman takes us on a sleigh ride of mobile development, and John McLoughlin examines CodeSmith. Ho. Ho. Ho.
Events: November 2007
VS2008 & NET 3.5 With The Moth November 15
NxtGenUG keep the excitement rolling on the South Coast. This time, John and Richie have kidnapped Microsoft UK's "The Greek One". Yes, none other than Daniel Moth is in town to show you the highlights of the forthcoming Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework Version 3.5. If the 'Launch Event' is anything to go by this should be another great event. Pizza and Swag will feature again of course ...
Events: October 2007
Southampton 'LAUNCH Event'! October 18
Then there were 5! Two months, two new regions, first Cambridge now Southampton. So we're having the mandatory 'Launch' extravaganza featuring Top UK speaker Guy Smith-Ferrier and NxtGenUG's own Dave McMahon. It's going to be informative and fun! 'Astoria' will be covered by Guy and Dave will get one of his Nuggets out on SQL ... We'll have swag, pizza, chat, everything a User Group ever needed. See you there for a never to be repeated event!
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