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Richard Costall
Excellent Event. Great Venue, Thanks to Research Machines and to Chris, Tony and Barry for getting NxtGenUG Oxford off to a great start!
John Price
A good start to a new region. Minor teething troubles, beyond our control seem to have annoyed a few people. We'll get those sorted though.
Paul Milburn
Tony R is tops... he opens the door to some excellent techniques... e.g. I'd never considered using the FOR XML for anything other than getting data in or out of SPs before.
jason jones
I enjoyed the presentations and the informal atmosphere of the event, but I expected the content to be focused on technologies and solutions that are more cutting edge. Definitely worthwhile though and hopefully there will be more non-RMers and more on-time pizza next time. Oh, and I would have appreciated some better goodies - not a free pen in sight ...!
Tariq Razzaq
Excellent nugget; give me the taste of what is possible and I will go ahead and try it out.
Chris Brook
Really good content, just wish he'd had more time to talk!
Tim Hundy
Lots of great tips and insites here. I liked the demos and hope to snaffle them from Tony's blog at some later date! The aside at the end about surrogate keys was also interesting
Gary Walker
Well done. Really minor whinge - Wait for the pizza slightly frustrating - but not the organisers' fault.Handy that it was held at RM - where I work!
Gary Walker
Well presented, clearly explained. Useful to have the run through of the process: superficially from the docs do a fairly using the providers looks more daunting, nice to see the basic method is so simple versus the 1.1 way.
David Oliver
Barry is always good value and the little nugget is a good way to start the session.
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Ridgian are a leading IT solutions provider, delivering business centric solutions.
Ridgian are a leading IT solutions provider, delivering business centric solutions.
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Event: NxtGenUG Oxford Extravaganza 
The NxtGenUG Oxford Launch, Featuring your hosts Chris Seary, Barry Dorrans and Dave Oliver, with a SQL Server presentation by Tony Rogerson and a Barry Dorrans Nugget. Plus a special appearance from Dave, Rich and John.

If you are not a member of NxtGenUG, you are more than welcome to attend. We just ask you register on the site, to help us to plan numbers and refreshments. Once registered on the site, you can then register for this event from this page.
Wednesday, November 1, 2006
Region: Oxford
Location: RM
140 Milton Park
OX14 4SE
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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Event Breakdown
Tony Rogerson Developing against SQL
In this session Tony will talk through issues that directly effect developers when implementing solutions against Microsoft SQL Server; Collations (SQL v Windows, considerations for performance, storage and joining), enhancements to FOR XML in SQL Server 2005 that will benefit you with set based concatenation and string manipulation, Programming (SET v SELECT for value assignment and associated problems, introduction to Sub-Queries, ORDER BY in a VIEW) and finally tackling scalability – a cursory discussion and demonstration on single and concurrent query testing.
Barry Dorrans ASP.Net membership
ASP.Net 2.0 gives a robust, out of the box security and personalization solution for your applications. Barry Dorrans of Charteris will take us through implementation scenarios for the use of this technology.
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