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Jeremy Horgan
I just need a license now!
Ian Russell
Learnt plenty of new things about Resharper. I am using v6 at work, so I am able to put some new practices to use already.
Stuart Wells
Clearly knows all about ReSharper. I think using ReSharper is one of those "you love it or you hate it" things. I can see some of the items being useful, but I cannot imagine remembering enough of the shortcuts to make it useful and I still prefer to make the changes myself rather than trust something else to do it. Quite possibly though this is because I rarely get to code these days and so it's hard enough to remember how to do that without also remembering how to use I coded all day everu day I imagine it would be much more useful.
Neil Barnwell
I'm an avid user of ReSharper, and have even done a "nugget" at Brum and Coventry NxtGen about it. However, despite being pretty fluent with R# these days, I still learned quite a lot from Hadi's talk. It didn't come across as a sales-pitch, and he got to demo a lot of useful features. As with all these sort of demos, it was sometimes hard to keep pace writing down the keyboard shortcuts for things as they came thick and fast, but other than that, this was a good session that I'd like to see again. Neil Barnwell (@nbarnwell)
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RM is a major supplier of software, services and systems to UK education.
RM is a major supplier of software, services and systems to UK education.
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Event: JetBrains Tour - Coventry 
The JetBrains bus rolls into Coventry with Hadi Hariri, talking about mouseless driven development - expect, pizza, swag and a good all round evening.

If you are not a member of NxtGenUG, you are more than welcome to attend. We just ask you register on the site, to help us to plan numbers and refreshments. Once registered on the site, you can then register for this event from this page.
Thursday, November 17, 2011
Region: Coventry
Location: The Royal British Legion
The royal British Legion
Kimberley Road
West Midlands
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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Event Breakdown
Hadi Hariri Resharper - Mouse-less Driven Development
Do you know ReSharper, are using it or have used it in the past? Do you think you are getting the full potential out of it? Even developers that have been using it for several years often only scratch the surface. In this 90 minute session you'll see some of the tips and tricks of ReSharper and see how to use it to it's full potential to truly create a mouse less driven development environment. We'll also chat a bit about some of our other tools, including dotCover, TeamCity and YouTrack. So if there are any questions you have, come along. If we can't answer them during the event, we'll do it at the pub!
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