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local Indie IronSun Studio's needs you Kickstarter backing to get their exciting Fathom game off the ground
Modus IT has an urgent requirement for an Analyst Programmer to help deliver the first version of a revolutionary Business Intelligence product to the market.
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 Latest Interviews
Laurence Moroney on Area 51, Playboy and Mix
Rich grabs Laurence Moroney in the corridor at Mix and they talk about Area 51, Playboy and a little bit about Mix09. Taken from Podcast #70
Mike Swanson on PDC and Mix
Richard caught up with PDC and MIX 'owner' Mike Swanson, and talked about the Mix09 Keynotes, and plans for the next PDC. Taken from Podcast #70
The MVP Program
Rich and Dave catch up with Toby Richards the new World Wide MVP lead. They chat about Toby's ideas for the MVP program for the next few years, about Daylight Saving time and about the upcoming MVP Summit in Seattle in March 2009
Daniel Moth on his Blog
Daniel Moth give us an indepth interview on all things including his blog
Rafal on TechEd and Data Mining
TechEd draws to a close and Dave and Rich meet Rafal Lukawiecki, top TechEd speaker again, to talk about Data Mining - but with a big difference...
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At JetBrains, we have a passion for making people more productive through smart software solutions that help them focus more on what they really want to accomplish, and less on mundane, repetitive "computer busy work".
At JetBrains, we have a passion for making people more productive through smart software solutions that help them focus more on what they really want to accomplish, and less on mundane, repetitive "computer busy work".
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Why should I join NxtGenUG?
Richard Costall
We asked the NxtGenUG president everything a developer needs to know about the latest user group to appear on the scene.

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FAQ about NxtGenUG
NxtGenUG FAQWhy another User Group?
Todays developer is in a different situation, they can no longer get away with just language knowledge, and even that is quite daunting. Look at VB.NET or C# and how they have changed since their initial arrival on the scene.

The Language is just the starting point for many things, for example, XML, SQL, Web Services and architectural decisions. Throw in all the next wave of technologies WPF, WCF, WF, Office 12 and Windows Vista and developers are becoming in danger of being left behind.

Dave, John and Myself felt we need to get developers to the front line and give them an 'overview' of all these incredible technologies and others such as Media Centre and Xbox 360. By forming our own group we have the control to implement all our ideas.

We are all so excited we have now reached the starting line - theres a lot more to come from NxtGenUG for its members.
NxtGenUG FAQWhy should I register?
Registration will allow you to attend a couple of events to see if you like what we are doing. It also allows us to gauge where we should be creating new regions based on the interest from people who register.
NxtGenUG FAQWhy should I become a Member?
Becoming a paid-up member allows you to attend all of our meetings and view restricted articles and interviews on the site. Registration for events is easy - one click registration and all feedback from the event is completed online.

We offer two membership packages, Individual and Corporate, both are very competitive with the majority of fees being ploughed back into the meetings and a small slice given to charity. We dont intend to run NxtGenUG at a profit - that means better speakers, relaxing venues, food and great prizes.

We have more ideas under development which will make membership even more compelling, which i'd expect to be rolled out by July 2006, I can't really mention them yet, watch for a news announcement soon.
NxtGenUG FAQTell us about the articles and interviews
Yeah, two great features of the site. Articles pitched at the easy to read level, introducing a broad feature such as Vista security or drilling down into a specific item such as Master Pages in ASP.NET 2.0 or getting started with media centre. I'd also see Conference reports and book reviews appearing as articles.

The interview part we are really excited about - The transcripts will be put up on the site and interviews will be shown at meetings. Whats really cool about these is seeing Microsoft employees and Independant speakers being really passionate about technology, it shows a very human, or emotional side to technology that does not really come across in articles. If you need to get the low down on a technology why not ask the people who write or speak about it!
NxtGenUG FAQWhat about events?
NxtGenUG are already showing their commitment with 7 regions, in Birmingham, Coventry, Cambridge, Oxford, Southampton, Hereford and Manchester, we will also work with other user groups to cross fertilise members. All our regions hold monthly meetings, comprising of one or more presentations, news items, interviews, prizes and food. We will also hold more informal evenings - pie and a pint nights, just to chill, have something to eat and talk 'techie' - these will sometimes even feature a 'special guest'.

The majority of the membership fees will go into funding these event, this is why we chose to charge for membership; paying for venues, speaker costs and providing something to eat costs money - we are working hard to keep these costs down, but still provide a real quality of service.

Members will also be notified of important Micrososft events its so difficult for developers to keep track of all the things going on. Our event calendar is a 'one-stop-shop' for events developers show know about.
NxtGenUG FAQIf a developer is interested in speaking or playing more of a role what should they do?
Get in touch! This is what we are about: growing the community and raising members profile. For speakers, Community meeting are a great place to start out - small and informal, before you head onto the bright lights of a major conference. If you want to help organise,submit articles or even demo something you wrote thats great. Members quite often answer each others problems or issues - we are just bringing together like minded people
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