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Richard Costall - Richard receives an new version of the Packt title Silverlight 5 Data and Services Cookbook. How does it measure up, Buffet or Banquet?
Richard Costall - Richard Costall's just released his second article covering Silverlight Out-Of-Browser, featuring Elevated Trust on the Simple Talk Website.
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Laurence Moroney on Area 51, Playboy and Mix
Rich grabs Laurence Moroney in the corridor at Mix and they talk about Area 51, Playboy and a little bit about Mix09. Taken from Podcast #70
Mike Swanson on PDC and Mix
Richard caught up with PDC and MIX 'owner' Mike Swanson, and talked about the Mix09 Keynotes, and plans for the next PDC. Taken from Podcast #70
The MVP Program
Rich and Dave catch up with Toby Richards the new World Wide MVP lead. They chat about Toby's ideas for the MVP program for the next few years, about Daylight Saving time and about the upcoming MVP Summit in Seattle in March 2009
Daniel Moth on his Blog
Daniel Moth give us an indepth interview on all things including his blog
Rafal on TechEd and Data Mining
TechEd draws to a close and Dave and Rich meet Rafal Lukawiecki, top TechEd speaker again, to talk about Data Mining - but with a big difference...
Latest News Latest News
Help local Indie Kickstart Fathom
local Indie IronSun Studio's needs you Kickstarter backing to get their exciting Fathom game off the ground
Job Opportunity
Modus IT has an urgent requirement for an Analyst Programmer to help deliver the first version of a revolutionary Business Intelligence product to the market.
Fancy coding for Charity?
Fancy coding for Charity? Then maybe you'll like to take part in Dev4Good and help some worthy causes whilst writing code!
Windows Server Events June 14/15
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Events: In London and Edinburgh on 14 and 15 June
Two Meetings at NxtGenUG
Two meetings this month at Birmingham region including one with Mike Taulty ...
News Archive News Archive...
Conferences Conferences
Partner Showcase Partner Showcase
Pluralsight is a premier Microsoft .NET training provider and home to many of the top authorities on .NET today. Pluralsight delivers professional training classes at various open enrollment locations and customer sites around the world. The experience and reputation of Pluralsight's instructors and the high quality of Pluralsight course materials generate a high demand for its courses, making them among the most sought after in the industry.
Pluralsight is a premier Microsoft .NET training provider and home to many of the top authorities on .NET today. Pluralsight delivers professional training classes at various open enrollment locations and customer sites around the world. The experience and reputation of Pluralsight's instructors and the high quality of Pluralsight course materials generate a high demand for its courses, making them among the most sought after in the industry.
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NxtGenUG Articles
June 2012
Richard Costall Silverlight 5 Data & Services Cookbook
Richard receives an new version of the Packt title Silverlight 5 Data and Services Cookbook. How does it measure up, Buffet or Banquet?
June 2011
Richard Costall Silverlight OOB - Article 2 on SimpleTalk
Richard Costall's just released his second article covering Silverlight Out-Of-Browser, featuring Elevated Trust on the Simple Talk Website.
March 2011
Richard Costall Man V Review Challenge
It's the Man V Review Challenge Richard Costall V 1,700 pages of APress's C# 2010 Platter feast for 10 -There can be Only 1 Winner.
Richard Costall APress XNA 3.0 Programming review
Richard gets his hands on a slightly old, but non the less useful book on XNA programming, find out what his thoughts were....
February 2011
Richard Costall Silverlight Out Of Browser
Richard Costall's just released an article covering Silverlight Out-Of-Browser Basics on the Simple Talk Website.
January 2011
Richard Costall Richard Costall reflects on 10 years of running User Groups
It recently occurred to Richard Costall he'd been running user group meetings for over 10 years. Richard reflects on some of the highlights.
Richard Costall PRO WPF and Silverlight MVVM Review
Richard Costall takes a look at PRO WPF and Silverlight MVVM - Read and Reply for a chance to win a copy!
October 2010
John Price Syncing Outlook calendar with Windows Phone 7
Having difficulty getting appointments in Outlook and onto your Windows Phone 7? I did as well. In fact you cant do it in this first release, but theres a workaround...
August 2010
Richard Costall Manning: Silverlight 4 in Action Review
Richard Costall was sent a preview copy of Manning's Silverlight 4 in action to review, will it be an 'Action Man' or just 'Out of action!'
Richard Allen Fest10 Review
Richie Allen breathes a sigh of relief after all the hard work on Fest10 and has time to reflect on the event. WATCH THE VIDEOS
May 2010
Richard Costall Packt's Silverlight 4 Data and Services Cookbook review
Richard puts Packt's Silverlight 4 Data and Services Recipes book through it's paces, but how does it fair against Richard's Challenge
April 2010
Richard Costall Microsoft Silverlight 4 Business Application Development Review
No sooner has Silverlight 4 been released, than a book drops on Rich's doormat - Microsoft Silverlight 4 Business Application Development by Packt
Dave McMahon SharePoint Starter No 2
In his second short article on SharePoint Dave answers the question "What is the difference between WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007?"
February 2010
Andrew Jacks Sharepoint on VHD
Ex-NxtGenUG Member, reports in from the sun-blessed OZ to tell us about his experience of getting sharepoint on a VHD.
November 2009
Dave McMahon SharePoint Starter No 1
Dave McMahon starts off a series of articles on SharePoint for people who keep saying "I must find out about SharePoint!"
September 2009
John McLoughlin Book Review : Art of Unit Testing
If you're looking for a good book to get yourself, your fellow developers or team up to speed with good Unit Testing practices, then read on ...
Chris Seary SharePoint 2007 and Single Sign On
Credential management is a huge headache for any enterprise organisation. Chris Seary of NxtGenUG Oxford expains how SSO within SharePoint can help!
April 2009
Dave McMahon C# 2008 and 2005 Threaded Programming
Dave McMahon takes a dive into Multi-Threaded programming and reviews a very practical book from Packt "C# 2008 and 2005 Threaded Programming"
March 2009
Dave McMahon Committees and Fuzzy Photos in Hereford!
16th March 2009 and it's the launch of the latest NxtGenUG Region - this time in Hereford!
January 2009
Dave McMahon Web Application Security Training With Dinis Cruz
On 27-28 January 2009, Dave McMahon attended a two day Web Application Security in London course run by Dinis Cruz. Here's how he got on and his thoughts on things he learnt!
Richard Costall Data Driven book Review
Richard Costall connects to Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2 Book with a review. Will it soar like the Turaco on the cover or be extinct like the dodo?
Chris Bell Programming Microsoft LINQ book review
NxtGenUG Member Chris Bell rolls up his book reviewing sleeves and dives into Programming Microsoft LINQ by MSPress.
December 2008
Chris Seary Granular Security with Windows Communication Foundation
Chris Seary returns with another great article on Security. This time he shows us how to use encryption to encrypt just the data you want in WCF.
November 2008
Chris Seary SQL Server 2008 Encryption
Chris Seary takes us on a trip around the secret world of SQL Server 2008 Encryption.
October 2008
Richard Costall Richard Costall on Microsoft PDC 2008
Richard Costall give us his views on the Microsoft 2008 Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles
Geff Lombardi Reporter Lombardi on PDC Day 0
NxtGenUG Birmingham Coordinator Geff Lombardi gives us his views on PDC Day 0 (Pre-Con) From Los Angeles.
Richard Costall Visual C# 2008 - Step by Step Review
As the swag lorry reverses of Richards drive - he notices Microsoft's C# 2008 - Step by Step Book in one of the crates - Time for a review...
September 2008
Richard Allen Foundations of Programming - eBook Review
NxtGenUG Southampton Coordinator Richie Allen jumps into the Foundations of Programming eBook and gives us his views.
July 2008
Chris Seary WCF and Authentication
In an in-depth article, Chris Seary shows us how to implement a security regime for WCF based applications using the pluggibility of WCF.
June 2008
Richard Costall Manning : Silverlight 2 in Action Review
Silverlight junkie Richard Costall is asked to Review Mannings Upcoming Silverlight 2 in action Title - Will we be able to get it off him?
Chris Seary NexGenUG Fest 08 Review
FEST08 is NxtGenUG's one-day event. This year's theme was "Data Today, Data Tomorrow" with top speakers from the UK delivering new sessions and a gameshow!
April 2008
Richard Costall Coventry Swagaganza Launch meeting
DC-3 Dakotas, Easter Eggs, Free Drinks, Content, Mints, NxtGenUG Chocolate and Wanted SWAG - What more could a launch want (apart from a launch kit?)
Richard Costall Silverlight - Getting Started
Following the IMTC Conference, Richard Costall lifts the lid on Silverlight 2.0 - In this article Richard gets us started in building our first application.
March 2008
Dave McMahon Ian Cooper's Turn Again ...
Ian Cooper visited NxtGenUG Birmingham again this time to give us his views on LINQ in the Enterprise ...
Richard Costall Mix 08 Strip Report
Roving reporter Rich hits the Vegas strip clubs to bring us the news from Mix08 - A bath as deep as the Suez Canal and half a yard of Margaria [NOW WITH PART 5]
February 2008
Richard Costall Coventry February Meeting
Building on the January meeting covering Astoria, the Coventry attendees were treated to a deep dive on the ADO.NET Entity Framework with Mike Taulty
January 2008
Andrew Maggs WPF Training Day
October 2007 and Andy Maggs stalwart NxtGenUG member, travelled to Bristol for a one day WPF course, courtesy of DotNetDevNet.
Dave McMahon Just Another Day At NxtGenUG ...
The first meeting of NxtGenUG Birmingham in 2008 was a busy affair, with 29 attendees, 8 Pizza, 2 Tam O'Shanters and a Swag-Distribute-O-Meter.
November 2007
Dave McMahon Book Review : Silverlight 1.0
Asthetically handicapped he may be, but that doesn't stop Dave taking a good look at a great book on Silverlight 1.0
July 2007
Richard Costall Professional ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX
Forget Harry Potter, Rich sits down with Wrox's Professional ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX book. Is it for muggles, or does it leave Rich Spellbound?
Dave McMahon Beginning XML - 4th Edition
Given the opportunity to go back to basics with XML, Dave reviews "Beginning XML", and finds a book that's just as useful for XML vet's as it is for rookies ...
June 2007
Richard Costall Professional Biztalk Server 2006
Like a war-vet. Rich dons his flak jacket, and goes back to Biztalk Server, and old battle ground, with a review of Wiley's Wrox title: Professional Biztalk Server 2006
May 2007
Chris Seary Fest07 Event Report
Chris reports back on Fest07 - The first One-Day NxtGenUG event and talks about SWAG in, SWAG out and Swaggily fortunes - We also had some great speakers!
Richard Costall Look no Hands
Rich puts on the headset, sits back and shows us why Speech Recognition in Vista is a very powerful tool - Start Listening...
April 2007
Peter McGann XNA and Gaming - Part 3
It's part 3 of the XNA tutorial and Pete McGann adds the bad guys to his 2D XNA shooter - Then promptly shoots them.
Dave McMahon Everything With An X - Part 3
In Part 3 of his 'X'series, Dave's taking a quick look at XPATH and with Rich's help explains 3 simple shortcuts to help people to quickly get to grips with XPATH.
Richard Costall Darth Vader, Pinata and Jetpac
On a strange night, we had Darth Vader, SWAG filled Pinatas, a Hot Chilli, and Fred Fintstone. What on earth was going on at the NxtGenUG meeting in Coventry?
Peter McGann XNA: Backgrounds and Lazers
Part 2 on XNA: It's backgounds and lazers time, as NxtGenUG member Pete McGann adds some more functionality to his 2D XNA shooter.
Peter McGann XNA Gaming Part 2
Pete gets us started in XNA: Setting up XNA Game Studio Express and creating a simple sprite with user controlled movement.
Peter McGann XNA Part 1: What is it?
In this multi part series; NxtGenUG member Pete McGann tells us all about XNA - In this article he tells us why use XNA over other technologies.
Dave McMahon uCertify SQL Server Review.
Dave takes the plunge on the uCertify SQL exam PrepKit with his review. But after Richards star performance - he's afraid to take the test.
Richard Costall Vista Certification with uCertify
In this review of uCertify's Vista 70-620 exam PrepKit. Rich lays his credibility on the line and attempts to pass the evaluation first time - but is he up to it?
March 2007
Andrew Jacks Security Course Review
Andrew Jacks dived the dark world of hacking and security, when he attended the two day Dinis Cruz Advanced Security Course. Find out how he got on!
Richard Costall MVP Summit 1: Pensioners, Ducks and Aliens.
In part one of the NxtGenUG MVP Summit trip report, Rich looks at a day with a duck and a visit from outer space.
February 2007
Richard Costall Fake Wigs, Vista Cakes and Dodgy Dealings
In 'just another' user group meeting, who would emerge as the champion Vista,Office and Exchange presenter - the gloves are off and the fake wigs on!
Richard Costall Video Nugget: Vista Speech Recognition 2
In this second Video nugget, Rich show us how to write "Hello World" in Visual Studio (which does not directly support speech) using Vista Speech Recognition.
Richard Costall Video Nugget : Vista Speech Recognition
In this first Video nugget, Rich show us Notepad, Solitaire and surfing the web with Vista Speech Recognition.
January 2007
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersDave McMahon Book Review - XSLT 2.0 Programmer's Reference, 3rd Edition
XSLT 2.0 and XPATH 2.0 have followed some long time after XSLT 1.0 first hit the streets. Michael Kay, one of the 'godfathers of XSLT' dives deep and provides a useful reference to all aspects of XSLT 2.0.
Richard Costall Those NxtGenUG boys are plane crazy!
Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Captain speaking. Welcome to a presentation on Vista, Office and .NET 3.0 - Fasten your seatbelts. Oh, and wrap up warm!
Richard Costall Book Review - VWD Starter Kit
Richard Costall looks at the shortly named "ASP.NET 2.0 Visual Web Developer Express Edition Starter kit" Wiley book and then orders a 'Carnivore Special'
December 2006
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersDave McMahon Access 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services - Part 2
In the second of a 2 parter we will look at how Access 2007 can work with other parts of the Office 2007 System to extend it's reach beyond the desktop.
Dave McMahon Access 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services - Part 1
In Part 1 of a 2 Parter, Dave goes back to his roots and takes a look at the new Access 2007, it's UI, capabilities and how it fits into the scheme of things.
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersRichard Costall My Vista Experience - A Developers Story
Faced with a broken laptop and the task of a clean install, Richard grabbed the Vista RC1 DVD, took a deep breath and put it in the machine...
Richard Costall DDD4 - Cabbages!
Richard gives his view of DDD4 - Mince pies with Brandy Butter, Grok talks, and Cabbages as Swag! What could be going on?
November 2006
Richard Costall Live from TechED - Keynote Review
Rich reports back live from TechED with a review of the Eric Rudder Keynote speech in Barcelona
Ben Hall Ben Hall on Test Driven Development
Member Ben Hall talk about the concept of Test Driven Development and how you can start using this approach with your code.
Richard Costall NxtGenUG Oxford Launch
NxtGenUG branch out from the midlands and Launch NxtGenUG in Abingdon, near Oxford. Richard gives his trip report on the new region
October 2006
Dave McMahon Ed Gibson 'On The Road' Review
At DDD3 John Thomson of Scottish Developers suggested that Ed Gibson might like to speak at a User Group meeting, Craig Murphy and Dave McMahon subsequently decided to create a UK wide tour called Ed gibson 'On The Road'.
Ben Hall Book Review by Ben Hall
Ben Hall NxtGenUG member has done a great review of "Professional Pen Testing for Web Applications" from Wrox Books.
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersStuart Wells Getting All Virtual
NxtGenUG Member, Stuart Wells, shows how the ListView control CAN handle large amounts of data with the new VirtualMode found in .NET 2.0.
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersJohn Wiley ASP.NET Composite Controls
The second Sample Chapter, this time covering Server Control Development in ASP.NET 2.0 - a great primer for the October Coventry meeting
September 2006
Dave McMahon XLINQ - A New Way To Use XML
XLINQ has been designed to handle XML data in a more natural and intuitive manner than currently available. This 'Nugget' looks at the basics.
August 2006
Dave McMahon Five Months With 'Run as ...'
For about 5 months now I have been developing on my XP SP2 machine without running as a Local Admin. This 'Best Practice' is not without it's problems. Here's how you get around some of the issues...
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersJohn Wiley Avalon Graphics and Animation
The first in a series of sample chapters from Wrox Press books published by John Wiley. This one discusses how to configure graphics, images and animation in WPF.
Dave McMahon Everything With An X - Part 2
In this, the second of a series of articles, Dave takes a look at XML Schema,what they are used for, what they consist of and the different ways to write them.
July 2006
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersRichard Costall Book Review - ASP.NET 2.0
Richard Costall gets his mitts on ASP.NET 2.0 Illustrated and his only problem is he dont want to give it back! - find out why
Chris Seary What is WSE ?
What is WSE? The acronym is short for Web Service Extensions. Join Chris Seary as he explains about the world of WSE.
June 2006
Dave McMahon DDD3 Conference Review
DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper 3 conference (DDD3) took place Saturday 3rd June. Held at Microsoft, but ran 'By the community, for the community'.
May 2006
Chris Seary Cryptographic is complete!
.Net 1.1 efficiently implemented a good deal of standard cryptographic algorithms, but it wasn’t complete from the viewpoint of a Public Key Infrastructure.
Dave McMahon Everything With an X - Part 1
In this series of articles, I want to introduce you to the world of 'X', that is XML, XML Schema, XPATH, XSLT, XQUERY, XAML, XOML and a few others along the way.
Dave McMahon Trip Report: MSDN WinFX
TRIP Report: WinFX MSDN Evening: WinFX, Pizza, XBOX 360 controllers and a David Beckham England shirt.
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersDave McMahon Regular Expressions - Part 2
Dave dives into his beloved SQL Server and shows how to combine the powers of Regular Expressions and SQL Server securely and without SQL CLR!
April 2006
Chris Seary Click once - is it secure?
Click once is a new deployment feature in VS2005. Chris Seary goes under the covers to investigate Security.
Chris Seary Security Matters
Running a process on your computer with unnecessarily high privileges makes the system vulnerable to a number of threats.
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersRichard Costall Riding the technology waves
Richard talks about the relentless waves of technology coming from Microsoft and ways developers can cope with it.
Dave McMahon Regular Expressions - Part 1
In this first of a multi part series we take a high level look into regular expressions.
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