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Laurence Moroney - Rich grabs Laurence Moroney in the corridor at Mix and they talk about Area 51, Playboy and a little bit about Mix09. Taken from Podcast #70
Mike Swanson - Richard caught up with PDC and MIX 'owner' Mike Swanson, and talked about the Mix09 Keynotes, and plans for the next PDC. Taken from Podcast #70
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Help local Indie Kickstart Fathom
local Indie IronSun Studio's needs you Kickstarter backing to get their exciting Fathom game off the ground
Job Opportunity
Modus IT has an urgent requirement for an Analyst Programmer to help deliver the first version of a revolutionary Business Intelligence product to the market.
Fancy coding for Charity?
Fancy coding for Charity? Then maybe you'll like to take part in Dev4Good and help some worthy causes whilst writing code!
Windows Server Events June 14/15
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Events: In London and Edinburgh on 14 and 15 June
Two Meetings at NxtGenUG
Two meetings this month at Birmingham region including one with Mike Taulty ...
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Conferences Conferences
Partner Showcase Partner Showcase
Pluralsight is a premier Microsoft .NET training provider and home to many of the top authorities on .NET today. Pluralsight delivers professional training classes at various open enrollment locations and customer sites around the world. The experience and reputation of Pluralsight's instructors and the high quality of Pluralsight course materials generate a high demand for its courses, making them among the most sought after in the industry.
Pluralsight is a premier Microsoft .NET training provider and home to many of the top authorities on .NET today. Pluralsight delivers professional training classes at various open enrollment locations and customer sites around the world. The experience and reputation of Pluralsight's instructors and the high quality of Pluralsight course materials generate a high demand for its courses, making them among the most sought after in the industry.
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NxtGenUG Interviews
September 2009
Laurence Moroney Laurence Moroney on Area 51, Playboy and Mix
Rich grabs Laurence Moroney in the corridor at Mix and they talk about Area 51, Playboy and a little bit about Mix09. Taken from Podcast #70
Mike Swanson Mike Swanson on PDC and Mix
Richard caught up with PDC and MIX 'owner' Mike Swanson, and talked about the Mix09 Keynotes, and plans for the next PDC. Taken from Podcast #70
October 2008
Toby Richards The MVP Program
Rich and Dave catch up with Toby Richards the new World Wide MVP lead. They chat about Toby's ideas for the MVP program for the next few years, about Daylight Saving time and about the upcoming MVP Summit in Seattle in March 2009
June 2008
Daniel Moth Daniel Moth on his Blog
Daniel Moth give us an indepth interview on all things including his blog
November 2007
Rafal Lukawiecki Rafal on TechEd and Data Mining
TechEd draws to a close and Dave and Rich meet Rafal Lukawiecki, top TechEd speaker again, to talk about Data Mining - but with a big difference...
Ted Pattison Ted Pattison on Speaking and Sharepoint
At TechEd Dave meets his "Speaker Idol" Ted Pattison and ask him about his background, speaking and Ted's only current mistress Sharepoint.
Andy Wigley Mobile Development
Rich and John catch up with Peter Foot and Andy Wigley, Mobile Gurus and MVP's to discuss mobile development, Dave joins to see if his phone is upto the job.
Michael Foord Michael Food on IronPython
Another chance meeting near the toilets Dave & Rich catch up with Michael Foord - A python developer who's embraced the IronPython language. Great interview!
Neil Palmer Neil Palmer on TechEd07
Dave speaks to Neil Palmer, on how you organise a conference, like TechEd Developers 2007 for 4,000 people without going insane or being squashed in the crush.
Chris Webb Chris Webb on BI
Whilst at SQLBits conference, Dave meets up with Chris Webb, BI Supremo, to talk about his session at SQLBits, MDX, OLAP and Proclarity.
October 2007
Alan Elston Presentation Skill
Richard catches up with Alan Elston, presentation skills coach, and asks him about his approach and how to deal with people who ask too many questions.
September 2007
George Moore Windows Live Platform
Dave and Rich catch George Moore Microsoft General Manager of Windows Live Platform straight after the MIXUK Keynote ...
August 2007
Juval Lowy WCF Masterclass
Dave meet's up with Software Legend Juval Löwy and talks about WCF, spinning balls, books and flying model planes ...
July 2007
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersAlan Dean Alan Dean on Object Thinking
Dave catches up with Alan Dean at DDD, and asks him about his popular session 'Object Thinking' was received, and how Alan sees the 'object thinking' future.
Simon Sabin Simon Sabin on SQL Server
From Podcast live: Simon Sabin's SQL Server Service Broker - great tongue twister, but in all the excitment does he forget to tell us about something?
June 2007
David Lowe Windows 'Longhorn' Server
At TechEd, Dave and Rich chatted with David Lowe, Senior Product Manager for Windows 'Longhorn' Server, read what he had to say about 'Longhorn' and IIS 7.0 ...
April 2007
Nick Burton Nick Burton on Rare and XNA
At the NxtGenUG Coventry XNA and Games night. Richard caught up with Nick Burton, developer at Rare to get his thoughts on XNA and Gaming.
Kimberly Tripp Kimberly Tripp and Paul Randal
Just before the MVP Summit Dave attended a SQL event, where he met up with Kimberly Tripp and Paul Randal - Find out about SQL and stuff Dave's never heard of!
March 2007
Sean O'Driscoll Sean O'Driscoll on the Summit
Dave and Rich watch the sunset as they enjoy a filet Mignon, cooked by Sean O'Driscoll - actually we are in Starbucks (with just a coffee), but we can dream!
Richard Kaplan Richard Kaplan on Satisfaction
Dave and Rich meet with Microsoft Vice President of Customer Service: Richard Kaplan and ask about customer satisfaction and... WSYP 'We share your pain"
'Soma' Somasegar 'Soma' at the Summit!
Dave and Rich catch up with 'Soma' Somasegar again! At the MVP Summit 2007, they chat about LINQ, Multi-Core programming and winter in Buffalo ...
Bill Vaughn Bill Vaughn on Data Access
At the 'Party with Palermo' Dave and Rich meet up with Speaker Legend and MVP Bill Vaughn, and talk about Data Access and his curse with Bankruptcy
Kevin McDaniel Kevin McDaniel on the DPE team
Richard catches up with Kevin McDaniel at the Nottingham Developer Roadshow and asks him how the copes with all that new technology
February 2007
Dinis Cruz Application Security and OWASP
Dave calls up Dinis Cruz on Skype and gets a barrel load of information about Dinis Cruz, OWASP, Security Testing and Security Courses ...
Scott Guthrie Scott on Orcas, WPF/E and Ajax
Rich interviews his Microsoft Idol - Scott Guthrie, General Manager, top blogger, and IronMan Presenter on Orcas, WPF/E and Ajax. Calm down Rich!
January 2007
James Akrigg Search - Now and in the Future
James Akrigg, Microsoft UK Partner Technical Specialist talks to Rich about Search in XP, Vista and Beyond ...
Rafal Lukawiecki Rafal on TechED and Security
Dave and Rich bump into Rafal Lukawiecki, top rated TechED speaker for the last six years and ask him about security, cryptography and presentation skills.
Sanjay Parthasarathy Sanjay on Keynote & Evangelism
At the Vista and Office launch Dave and Rich catch up with the King of DPE group - Sanjay Parthasarathy and get his views on his keynote and evangelism.
December 2006
Ed Gibson Ed Gibson on Security
Ed Gibson, Microsoft UK Chief Security Adviser, talks to Dave about his FBI history, cyber crime and when will Microsoft stop security updates on the second Tuesday?
November 2006
Julie Ray Julie on Voices For Innovation
Dave, armed with a 'turned off' phone, met up with Julie Ray - Program Manager for Voices For Innovation (VFI) to find out what VFI is all about...
Mike Hall Mike Hall on Windows Embedded
Dave and Rich join up with Microsoft's Mike Hall who works on the Windows Embedded team, to find out what's happening in the embedded world.
Jeffrey Snover Jeffrey Snover on Powershell
In the Hotel lift, Dave and Rich accost Jeffrey Snover, architect of Powershell and ask him about Powershell and one of his meetings with Bill Gates.
Anders Hejlsberg Anders Hejlsberg on Linq
At TechED Barcelona, Dave catches us with Microsoft 'Legend' Anders Hejlsberg and asks him about Linq and his presentations.
Steve Swartz Steve and Clemens on WCF
Dave and Rich sit down with Steve Swartz and Clemens Vasters from the WCF team to talk about WCF, Vista and Top Secret things.
Gunther Beersaerts Gunther Beersaerts at TechED
Dave catches up with Gunther Beersaerts, content track owner for SQL Server at TechED Developers Conference in Barcelona.
Paul Foster Paul Foster on Virtual TechED.
Richard meets up with the 'Face' of Virtual TechED, Microsoft's Paul Foster, to discuss Virtual TechED, and how his new role in Microsoft includes Bee-keeping.
October 2006
Steve Clayton Vista and Partners
At the MVP Open Day, Rich spoke with Steve Clayton about the launch of Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange from a Partner program perspective.
Richard Fennell Richard Fennell at Coventry
Dave managed to grab Richard Fennell for a short interview just before speaking at the NxtGenUG meeting in Coventry. BizTalk occupies good deal of his time ...
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersMiguel Castro Miguel Castro at VSLive
In early 2006 Dave caught up with Miguel Castro at VSLive to find out what he was presenting on and get his favourite features.
Darren Strange Darren Strange on Office 2007
At the MVP open day Richard interviews Darren Strange - UK Product Manager for Office 2007 and get his views on some of the changes in Office 2007
Karen Young The MVP Program
At the MVP open day, Dave and Rich asked Karen Young (EMEA MVP Regional Manager) all about the MVP program and Rich seemed to get nervous at the end.
September 2006
Jeff Hadfield Jeff Hadfield at VSLive!
Dave interviews Jeff Hadfield, vice president of FTP's Windows Publishing Group, about his role at VSLive!, San Francisco 2006.
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersAmeya Bhatawdekar Ameya Bhatawdekar on Project
World traveller Dave McMahon, speaks to Ameya Bhatadekar, Program Manager of the Project Team at DevCon in London about Project
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersEric Lee Eric Lee from VSLive
As Eric Lee, Technical Product Manager for Team Foundation Server at Microsoft was going home from VSLive, Dave pounced and asked some questions.
Kit George Kit George at VSLive
Dave meets with Kit George, Microsoft Product Manager, who used to look after the Base Class Libraries and has now joined the Visual Basic Team.
Benjamin Day Banjamin day at VSLive
At VSLive (Jan 2006) Dave caught up with Benjamin Day and finds out about nHibernate and Benjamins favourite features of VS2005.
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersJono Bacon Linux on NxtGenUG?
Dave found Jono Bacon an Open Source Consultant at DDD 3 and asked him what he was doing in Microsoft Reading.
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersBenjamin Mitchell Benjamin Mitchell on Workflow
We catch up with Benjamin Mitchell, before Coventry's Workflow event, to get the low down on Windows Workflow Foundation.
Alex Homer Alex Homer on XML
Richard catches up with Alex Homer at a Coventry NxtGenUG meeting and gets his thoughts on XML and future technologies.
Paul Sheriff Paul Sheriff at VSLive
Paul Sheriff, talks about LINQ, VB.NET innovations, really cool features of ASP.NET 2.0 and some interesting projects that PDSA Incorporated is working on.
August 2006
Josh Holmes Josh Holmes at VSLive
Dave chats to Josh Holmes, whilst at VSLive. They talk about Josh's presentations, his favourite features of Visual Studio 2005 and why LINQ makes him happy.
July 2006
Daniel Moth Daniel Moth on Microsoft
Dave catches up with Daniel Moth, and EX MVP who now works for Microsoft. Daniel talks about his experiences and enthuses about the class designer.
June 2006
Steve Lamb Steve Lamb on security
Dave and Rich chat with Steve Lamb, ITPro evangelist at Microsoft and self-confessed security geek. Dave may be shot and Rich gets a security rap on the knuckles.
Mike Taulty Mike Taulty on WCF
After months on the run, Dave and Rich finally corner Mike Taulty at DDD3 for an interview on Microsoft WCF and shameless MSMQ book promotions.
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersRuss Nemhauser Russ Nemhauser
In another interview from VSLive! San Francisco 2006, Dave speaks to Russ Nemhauser who chats about ASP.NET 2.0 and Team Foundation Server.
May 2006
Parimal Deshpande Parimal Deshpande - Part 3
In the final part of the interview with Parimal Deshpande, Rich and Dave quiz him on XAML and find out it's everywhere!
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersRockford Lhotka Rocky Lhotka
Dave meets Rocky Lhotka! Rocky talks about his new Distributed Objects Framework and why Dynamic Languages seem to be getting a lot of press lately.
Parimal Deshpande Parmial Deshpande - Part 2
In Part 2 of the great interview with Parimal Deshpande Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, Dave and Rich ask Paraimal about "InfoCard".
Parimal Deshpande Parmial Deshpande - Part 1
Whilst at an MSDN evening, Dave and Rich catch up for a cracking interview on WPF with Parimal Deshpande Senior Product Manager at Microsoft - Part 1.
April 2006
Hans Verbeeck TechED and future directions
Dave catches up with Hans Verbeeck, Microsoft DPE and overall technical content owner For Tech Ed.
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersErwin van Hunen Java Versus .NET
Dave speaks to Erwin about Java and .NET two languages, their simularities and differences.
Sean O'Driscoll The MVP Programme
At a recent MVP open day; Richard Costall caught up with Sean O'Driscoll, Senior Director for CSS Community and MVPs (and BBQ Junkie!).
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersRichard Hale Shaw Richard Hale Shaw
Dave manages to catch Richard Hale Shaw at the end of VSLive! San Francisco 2006 for a down to earth view of the latest emerging technologies.
'Soma' Somasegar Dave McMahon meets 'Soma'
Dave McMahon managed to speak to 'Soma', the corporate vice president of the Developer Division at Microsoft Corporation, in San Fransisco.
Marcus Perryman Going Mobile
Richard Costall talks with Marcus Perryman on Mobile Devices and Windows Vista, in what turned out to be a long, but one of Richy's favourite interviews.
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersBrian Randall Brian Randall on Microsoft
Dave catches up with Brian Randall at VSLive and they talk about VB.NET and future directions of Microsoft
Tim Sneath WPF the future
Richard Costall catches up with Tim Sneath to talk about adjusting to life in Redmond and the exciting world of WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation.
Restricted content to NxtGenUG membersKen Getz Ken Getz on Visual Studio 2005
Whats Ken working on, whats his favourite feature of Visual Studio 2005 and whats he looking forwards to in the future.
Jay Roxe Jay Roxe from VSLive
Dave catches up with Jay Roxe at VSLive and gets his thoughts on Mobile Devices, favourite features and Visual Studio Tools for Applications
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