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Where you can find us Where you can find us
Formed in April 2006. Birmingham Science Park Aston near the city centre hosts NxtGenUG Birmingham. A great meeting place to discuss technology and eat Pizza!
Having opened in September 2007, Cambridge will offer a unique insight into Microsoft Research.
Coventry venue has a bar and comfy chairs. With great meetings every month, what more could you ask for? Serving the Coventry community since April 2006.
Deepest Essex is the scene of the eighth NxtGenUG Region, poised just outside the M25, it's run by Rob Silver and Anis Batliwala local lads with a passion for technology
NxtGenUG Hereford - Then there were six. Formed in February 2009 Hereford is the newest NxtGenUG Region. Run by local guys Ryan O'Neill and Richard Wilde.
"It's a sunny paradise!" does not describe soggy Manchester; at least it has its own NxtGenUG region! Run by Steven Robbins and Andy Wilkinson, two northern guys with a passion for pizza/technology!
Holding it's first meeting in November 2006, Oxford is headed up by the prfessional and enthusiastic Richie Hopton and BI Consultant Robert Minchin
By the seaside, in the warmth of the South, NxtGenUG Southampton is run by John McLoughlin and Richie Allen, local guys with a passion for technology! Southampton started in October 2007.
Conferences Conferences
Partner Showcase Partner Showcase
Developer Express engineers feature-complete visual components and IDE tools for Visual Studio .NET. Our technologies help you build your best, see complex software with greater clarity, increase your productivity and create stunning applications for Windows(r) and the Web in the shortest possible time.
Developer Express engineers feature-complete visual components and IDE tools for Visual Studio .NET. Our technologies help you build your best, see complex software with greater clarity, increase your productivity and create stunning applications for Windows(r) and the Web in the shortest possible time.
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NxtGenUG Region 
"It's a sunny paradise!" does not describe soggy Manchester; at least it has its own NxtGenUG region! Run by Steven Robbins and Andy Wilkinson, two northern guys with a passion for pizza/technology!
Meet the Coordinators
Will Charles
Steve Robbins
Currently a Technical Architect in the UK, mainly producting educational software and line of business applications for education related government departments and commercial companies, with a sprinkling of exciting stuff like Microsoft Surface thrown in for good measure! Previous to this I ran my own business for around 4 years, before deciding that monthly management reports are far less interesting than they sound!

These days I generally work in C# and SQL, but in the past I’ve developed in everything from Assembly Language (68000 and x86) through to VB.Net/C#, with plenty of others inbetween. I’ve also done my time in the support/engineering side of IT, so I’m pretty much a geek through and through :-) I’m a firm believer that reading and “best practices” are no substitute for using your brain!

If you want to contact me, you can do so from my blog at
Andy Wilkinson
I have been involved with the support side of IT for over 10 years and currently do 3rd line support at Civica for our in-house products and SQL server. The job incorporates development as and when it can fit into my busy support life!

Developement has always been an interest of mine, from my first steps in the wonderful Turbo Pascal 7 to the heady heights of .Net 1.1 and 2 with SQL 2000/2005 backends.

I am hoping the user group will give me an insight into what's going on in the industry and help to drag me up to date!
Events: June 2013
TDD, where did it all go wrong June 19
Ian Cooper braves the North to talk to us about TDD.
Events: May 2013
Cross platform game / app deve May 15
Simon Jackson joins us to talk about creating great cross platform apps and games.
Events: March 2013
Eating Clouds From Your Couch March 21
Nico Vermeir joins us on the "Manchester" leg of his UK tour.
Events: February 2013
Hidden Complexity: Inside Simp February 27
**Moved from the 20th to the 27** Mark Rendle once again braves the North to give us a look deep inside Simple.Data and Simple.Data.
Events: January 2013
Building Apps for Windows Phon January 16
Andy Wigley joins us to talk about creating apps that take advantage of all parts of the Windows Phone various versions
Events: November 2012
Building Realtime Experiences November 21
Rich Caudle will tear himself away from London to inspire us to build real-time applications and keep our users wanting more.
Events: October 2012
Lions and tigers and hackers, October 15
Phil Winstanley joins us to give an overview of the cyber warfare waged against us everyday! **Note this session is not on the normal Wednesday**
Events: September 2012
Test All Thing Things or Maybe September 19
Our very own Will Charles makes the trip down stairs to talk to us about unit testing and what the beginner tutorials don't do.
Events: July 2012
Building on Windows Azure July 18
Tom Carter makes a "long" trip down the M56 to about building applications on Azure.
Events: June 2012
An Introduction to DDD June 20
Ian Cooper travels up from London to enlighten us all about DDD !! Not to talk about the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper events !! but Domain Driven Design!
Events: May 2012
CQRS and Event Sourcing May 16
Ashic Mahtab comes up from London to talk about CQRS, Event Source and how it can bring Elegance to "Normal" Applications.
Events: April 2012
IIS 8.0 April 18
Andrew Westgarth from NE Bytes comes down to give us the low down on IIS8.
Events: March 2012
**Cancelled** FubuMVC March 21
**Cancelled** Sorry folks Ian Battersby joins us to talk about FubuMVC, an open source web framework for .net.
Events: February 2012
Going native, iPhone edition February 15
Rich Somerfield joins us to give an introduction to native iPhone development. **We are starting 30 minutes later than normal**
Events: January 2012
Web Caching 101 January 18
Sebastien Lambla braves the North to teach us something we probably all don't know as well as we should!
Events: December 2011
Introduction to Android December 14
Our very own Will Charles, fresh from DDD North, takes us on a tour of Android development using Java.
Events: November 2011
JetBrains Tour - Manchester November 16
The JetBrains bus rolls into Manchester with Hadi Hariri, talking about mouseless driven development - expect, pizza, swag and a good all round evening.
Events: October 2011
Visual Studio LightSwitch October 19
Rob Martin joins us for an overview of Visual Studio LightSwitch - a simplified self-service development tool that enables you to build business applications quickly and easily for the desktop and cloud.
Events: September 2011
Node.js September 21
Gary Short joins us to give us the low down on Node.js - a framework that's taking the web by storm.
Events: August 2011
.Net Minimalist Web Dev August 17
Mark Rendle joins us again up North to talk about building web applications without the "cruft" using Nancy and Simple.Data
Events: July 2011
jQuery Templates July 20
George Adamson brings his hectic comedy style up norf to talk about jQuery templates.
Events: June 2011
NHibernate 3 June 15
Richard Wilde heads up norf to give us the low-down on NHibernate 3.
Events: May 2011
Natural Laws of Software Perf May 11
Kendall Miller joins us all the way from the US of A to talk about the natural laws of software performance.
Events: April 2011
Go With The Flow April 27
Paul Stack joins us to give us the low down on SpecFlow, BDD and WatiN.
Events: March 2011
Real World Dynamic C# March 16
Mark Rendle joins us to show some real world usage of the "Dynamic" keyword that was added in C#4.0.
Events: February 2011
C# 5 - Async/Await February 16
Jon Skeet joins us to give us the low down on the up and coming Async/Await keywords in C# 5.
Events: January 2011
An Introduction Into XNA January 19
Simon (Darkside) Jackson joins us to give us the low down on XNA, Microsoft's game development framework, as we build a game from scratch that runs on both Windows and Windows Phone 7!
Events: December 2010
RavenDB December 15
Rob Ashton braves the North to give us the low down on RavenDb.
Events: November 2010
XDD - Exception Driven Develop November 17
Phil Winstanley joins us to work with exceptions is live applications to learn more about our applications "in the wild".
Events: October 2010
C# Abuse with Jon Skeet October 20
** THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED! ** ** HOPEFULLY WE WILL RESCHEDULE - KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR EMAIL AND TWITTER FOR MORE INFORMATION ** Mr. Jon Skeet joins us for a night of abusing C#! This month's venue is kindly provided by AppSense -
Events: September 2010
MonoTouch and MonoDroid! September 15
Chris Hardy joins us to give us the lowdown on MonoTouch, and the newly announced MonoDroid, for creating applications in .net for the iPhone/iPad and Android platforms. Pizza, swag and maybe even a nugget too!
Events: August 2010
An Introduction to F# August 18
Oliver Sturm joins us to provide an introduction to functional programming with F#, a string that's well worth having in your bow with the current trend of increasing processor cores/concurrency. Pizza and swag too of course!
Events: July 2010
Exploring Windows Phone 7 Seri July 21
Paul Foster from Microsoft joins us to give us the lowdown on developing for Microsoft's new Phone platform. There's an awful lot to cover, so we won't be having a nugget this month - pizza and swag should still make an appearance though!
Events: June 2010
Silverlight and MEF June 16
Mike Taulty joins us to talk about a current hot topic - MEF and Silverlight. Nugget, pizza and swag as usual.
Events: May 2010
Refactoring! May 19
Gary Short joins us for this rescheduled session talking about refactoring techniques using freely available tools. Nugget and pizza will also be making an appearance! This is also NxtGenUG Manchester's FIRST BIRTHDAY, so there might be cake :-)
Events: April 2010
Search and Deploy! April 21
Andy Westgarth joins us to talk about some of the fancy new features in IIS, including the SEO Toolkit and the Web Deployment Tool. Nugget, swag and pizza will also be making a welcome appearance
Events: March 2010
Hyper-V for Developers March 17
Liam Westley comes to town to talk to us about Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualisation technology and how it benefits us code monkeys. Nugget, pizza, swag etc. as usual!
Events: February 2010
BONUS EVENT! Test Driven Devel February 26
Richard Hopton, of NxtGen Oxford fame, joins us with his session on Test Driven Development that recently featured in DDD8. Please note this is in *ADDITION TO* our normal February event and is being run on a Friday evening, which probably means we will end up in the pub afterwards :-)
SharePoint 2010 Overview February 17
Dave braves the north to give us the low down on the latest version of Microsoft's SharePoint platform. A Nugget, a pile of pizza and some swag may also make an appearance.
Events: January 2010
RESCHEDULED! The Need for Spee January 26
Phil Pursglove joins us to talk about Velocity, Microsoft's distributed cache engine. Nugget, pizza and swag as usual :-) ** PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO SPEAKER ILLNESS THIS EVENT HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO TUESDAY THE 26TH OF JANUARY **
Events: December 2009
NxtGenUG "Open Mic." Night December 16
To mix things up for the festive period NxtGen Manchester in December is an open-spaces style "Open Mic." night. Sebastien Lambla is joinng us to facilitate the discussions, and everyone is encouraged to speak up! Food and swag will be provided as usual, so no panic there! If you have a particular topic you'd like to discuss or talk about then please do get in touch. Unfortunately we haven't been able to secure a Public House for the event, so you're stuck with the usual location, but there will be Mince Pies :-)
Events: November 2009
Cool UI for Windows Mobile – H November 18
Windows Mobile fights back! Andy Wigley comes to Manchester to tell us how to create great looking Windows Mobile apps to compete with the iPhone. Nugget, pizza and swag as usual!
Events: October 2009
Parallel Extensions in .Net 4. October 21
This month Mike Taulty joins us to talk through Parallel Extensions in .Net 4.0. As cores increase, parallel processing is becoming more relevant to more applications. Also we have pizza, swag and a nugget as usual!
Events: September 2009
Windows 7 September 16
Dave Allen from Microsoft will be joining us to talk about exploiting the new features of Windows 7, such as the new taskbar, and what's likely to break in applications that haven't been tested on Vista/Win7! Member nugget, Pizza and Swag as usual!
Events: August 2009
Making a Mockery of SharePoint August 19
Richard Fennell of Black Marble shows us how to do SharePoint Developer Testing with Typemock, Pizza, Swag, Member Nugget, all in an evenings NxtGen-ing!
Events: July 2009
In the Media Centre Spotlight July 15
NxtGenUG Cofounder and Extreme Stunt DemoMan John Price visits Manchester to talk about Media Centre. NxtGenUG's answer to Tommy Copper, will entertain, amaze and educate you in the fast paced session, full of dangerous demos. He doesn't pray to the demo gods - he taunts them! Warning: The demos shown in this session should only be done by a trained professional or John. They may also be a nugget, some pizza and a bit of SWAG
Events: June 2009
Going With The Workflow ... June 17
Workflow Guru Morgan Skinner heads for the North and will spend an evening going through the latest developments in the world of Windows Workflow. Member nugget, Pizza and Swag - just another normal NxtGenUG evening!
Events: May 2009
Manchester Launch Event! May 20
We don't believe it, but we should and so should you! Another NxtGenUG region hits the road. Yes, the NxtGenUG flavour of Community hits the true North, and Steve Robbins and Andy Wilkinson two local lads welcome you to their Launch Event.
There will be great technical content from NxtGenUG cofounder Richard Costall who will also talk about the NxtGenUG group and how getting involved in Community will benefit you and your business.
Plus, of course, the ever present swag out and pizza and fun and swag and pizza and ... you get the picture. Don't miss it
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